Top Reasons to Drink Apple Juice

A glass of apple juice at least thrice a week keeps the doctor away, so say the experts. Of course it won’t hurt to have this healthy beverage on a daily basis so that you may take advantage of its amazing health benefits. What are the things you can get simply by enjoying a serving of apple juice? Read on!
Apple Juice Helps Ward Off Diabetes
There are a couple of reasons why drinking fresh apple juice on a regular basis may keep diabetes at bay. First, compounds in the beverage stimulate the pancreas to produce more insulin, a chemical necessary for the movement of sugar from the blood to the cells. Second, every glass of apple juice is loaded with fiber, a nutrient that helps regulate energy and sugar levels in the blood.
It Promotes Healthy Weight Loss
Slimming supplements usually yield unfavorable side effects and complications. Many of them leave a massive hole in the pocket too. A safe, effective and inexpensive way to shed off excess pounds is by consuming fresh apple juice! It is packed with nutrients, keeping your body from craving junk. Each serving also supplies a lot of fiber that fills up your stomach, thus saving you from hunger pangs and overeating.
Drinking the Beverage is Good for the Heart
If you love your heart, make apple juice the apple of your eyes. Fiber and antioxidants in the tasty beverage work together in lowering cholesterol levels. In other words, drinking apple juice regularly may lower your risk of having high blood pressure, heart attack and stroke! Apple juice also packs potassium, a mineral that’s good for the cardiac muscles.
Apple Juice Helps Prevent Alzheimer’s
Based on a study headed by a neurologist, drinking fresh apple juice at least 3 times a week may lower your odds of suffering from Alzheimer’s disease by up to 75%. Participants aged 72 to 93 years old were given half a cup of apple juice twice daily for an entire month. The result? The participants showed memory and mood improvements.
Regular Consumption of It Keeps Cancer at Bay
Thanks to the loads of antioxidants in every glass of apple juice, you may considerably reduce your risk of deadly cancer. Experts say that fresh apple juice is very good at combating cancer of the lungs and colon. Studies have shown that it’s also excellent against skin and breast cancer. Antioxidants present in each serving protect the cells from free radical damage and also suppress inflammation, and that is why apple juice can help ward off cancer.
It Makes Your Immune System Stronger
Vitamin C in fresh apple juice is a very powerful antioxidant that helps bolster your immunity. You can save yourself from popping pills in your mouth if you often suffer from cough, colds, infections and allergies simply by incorporating apple juice into your daily diet so that you may have your immune system strengthened.
Apple Juice Makes You Look Young and Beautiful
Due to the impressive amounts of vitamin C in a serving of apple juice, drinking the beverage can make your skin look young and your complexion appear glowing. Since vitamin C is an antioxidant, it protects the skin cells from being damaged by free radicals that speed up the process of aging. Vitamin C also helps neutralize toxins, thus making your complexion a complete head-turner.

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