10 - Tips To Get Rid Of Headache Without Medicine!

Headaches are one of the most common problems which everyone deals with on a regular basis. The major reason for this problem is the lifestyle; people nowadays have the stress of every second thing or person in their life. It is quite essential to change your lifestyle if you really want to live a healthy and peaceful life in future.
There are certain natural foods and simple treatments which are used to relieve moderate-to-severe headaches.

Have a glance at the 10 most effective ways to get rid of headaches naturally.

Keep Yourself Hydrated

The major reason why dehydration causes headaches is that due to lack of  water the  oxygen flow in the blood to the brain is quite reduced. Drinking lots of water must be the first task to perform when you feel high or even moderate headache. It would hardly take 30 minutes to maximum 3hours to get completely rid of headaches and migraines if it is because of dehydration.

Symptoms of dehydration can be even worse including lack of concentration and also high irritability. Drinking one glass of water after the consumption of alcohol can help to avoid hangovers.

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Having Caffeinated Beverages

Drinking any drink including tea and coffee that contains caffeine in it, may provide instant relief. Caffeine is the best ingredient to control the level of mood swings and it also helps to increase alertness. In some cases, a high intake of caffeine can also lead to severe headaches; hence, it is essential to have a moderate amount of caffeine in your diet.

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Take An Adequate Amount Of Sleep

Being sleep-deprived and haven take extra sleep both can trigger headaches, hence, it is essential to have an adequate amount of sleep to naturally prevent the cause of headache. Having the right amount of sleep i.e., 7- 9 hours of sleep are more than sufficient. Taking physical rest can ensure to provide rest to your mind as well and this would automatically help to reduce stress in life and eventually leads to diminished symptoms of headache.

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Try Acupuncture

Acupuncture helps to realign the flow of energy and blood in your body. It has comparatively no side effects than medications. There are no pieces of evidence of it being a good treatment for chronic headaches but are surely quite beneficial for acute migraines. It is quite a worthy choice if you are looking for a natural way to treat headaches.

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Cold Compress

Use of cold compress is quite an effective way to treat headaches. It must be applied on the neck and head area to help to decrease inflammation and eventually helps to treat headaches. Having a nice cold shower can also be majorly effective in treating severe headache; hence, both shower and icepacks are proven to have a similar impact on your headache problem.

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Essential Oils

Applying peppermint oil and lavender oil are very much helpful in treating a headache. Apply peppermint oil on the temples and apply lavender oil on the upper lip or inhaled  can help the best treat the symptoms of headache. Massaging rosemary oil on your head can instantly help to reduce headache.

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Dim Lights & Closed Eyes

Bright lights, flickering lights or lights from your mobile, TV or computer screen can cause severe headache, therefore, it is very essential to dim the lights and also to switch off every screen to help to reduce headache to a great extent. Also, use sunglasses to protect your eyes from high exposure of sunshine can also help to treat the headache.

Maintain Your Lifestyle

It is a very important factor that leads to severe headache, taking an excess of stress and tension of work, life or relationships can lead to having symptoms of headache.
People must follow the rule of SEEDS: Sleep, Eating, Exercise, Drinking and Stress Reduction. All these things must be present in an adequate amount to maintain your health and also to reduce the headache.
Including regular exercise (like walking, biking, jogging, and swimming), meditation and practicing yoga all are proven to be very effective methods to reduce headache and also help to maintain the overall health of your body.

Including Certain Natural Foods In Your Diet

Diet has a major role in reducing headache to quite an extent and some of the most important natural foods that are essential include chocolates, cloves, coffee, cinnamon, apple, almond, spinach, watermelon, ginger, turkey, grapes and citrus fruits. Avoid food items that contain nitrates, nitrites, histamine and also you must avoid the consumption of alcohol.

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Herbal Remedy

There are certain herbs that can cause a great impact on the symptoms of headache; these herbs includes feverfew and butterbur. Both have high anti-inflammatory effects. Feverfew can be taken in an amount that is recommended the doctor; on the other hand, one must be quite cautious in case of butterbur. Inadequate intake of butter can cause a great impact on the liver. The most recommended amount of intake of both feverfew and butterbur must be on a scale of 50gms to 150gm to treat headache in both adults and children.

It is not the right thing to lessen your patience level and engulf a medicine, the second you feel pain in your head and for that matter pain in any part of the body.
Follow a healthy and nutritious routine to help yourself in maintaining a healthy lifestyle without any sorts off diseases or pains in your body.

Following the traditional methods of treating a health-related issue has been proven to be the best method to this date.

Therefore, ensure to follow the tips which are mentioned above to reduce the symptoms of headache and other diseases.

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