How to Whiten Your Teeth Naturally in Just 3 Minutes

Many of the teeth whitening products available at the market today contain chemicals that may be harmful to your health. If you want a whiter and brighter teeth, you can try this once-a-week natural method.
What more only a few ingredients are needed. Most importantly, you can also brush your way to that whiter smile, in just a few minutes.

Natural Teeth Whitening Method with Baking Soda


1 Tbsp of baking soda
Juice of Half Lemon or Lime
New toothbrush


1. Put a tablespoon of baking soda into a bowl.
2. Then squeeze the juice of half a lemon or lime over the top.
3. The mixture will fizz up as the baking soda interacts with the citric acid in the lemon or lime juice.
4. Once the fizzing stopped, take your toothbrush and stir the mixture into a thick paste. Add a dash or two more of baking soda, if the paste is too runny or until the proper consistency has been reached.
5. Place the paste into the toothbrush and brush your teeth just as you would with regular toothpaste.
6. Rinse your mouth with water.

Things to Consider:

  • If limes or lemons are not available, 1-2 tablespoons of water may be substituted for the whitening paste.
  • This method should be done just once per week to avoid harming the protective enamel of the teeth.
  • Use a fresh and new toothbrush, for this whitening method.
  • This method is not recommended for people who wear dental braces, as this would cause uneven whitening, that will be noticeable once the braces were removed.

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