7 Incredible Beauty Uses of Yogurt

If you like starting your day or spending your snack times with a serving of yogurt, then you have easy access to an all-natural skin and hair beautifier. This semisolid treat packed with protein, calcium, potassium, phosphorous, vitamin B2 and billions of good bacteria is not only good for your health but appearance as well. Continue reading to come across some of the amazing beauty uses of your everyday favorite superfood.
Dead Skin Remover
You don’t have to rub a product with very coarse beads on your face to effectively get rid of dead skin cells that leave your complexion looking dull. About twice or thrice a day, you simply have to smear yogurt on your face. Allow it to stay there for about 10 minutes before rinsing off with water. Mild acids in yogurt help dissolve that layer of dead skin cells.
Blemish Lightener
Your problem with pimples doesn’t end upon their drying up. Once your bout of breakouts is over, you have to face having blemishes. To get rid of those unsightly dark spots, simply daub yogurt on them while enjoying your well-loved treat in the morning or during your snack. Wash off once you’re through eating. Perform this regularly until those scars disappear.
Acne Healer
One of the best all-natural remedies for your acne is yogurt. Its mild acidity helps kill off microbes, thus putting an end to bacterial infection and inflammation. Yogurt can also help get rid of the nasty redness especially if it’s fresh from the fridge. Because this highly nutritious food is loaded with protein, it can help soothe irritated skin and promote its healing.
Dark Circle Zapper
Stress and lack of sleep leaving you with dark eye circles that make you look so tired and old? Worry no further for as long as there’s yogurt within easy reach. Apply a thin layer of yogurt under your eyes several minutes before you get your day started. What makes this solution work very well is the presence of mild acids in this breakfast and snack time staple.
Fine Line Eraser
It’s no secret that many anti-aging solutions do not come cheap. If you don’t have the budget for these products and you also don’t want to smear anything on your skin that may contain harsh chemicals, reach for a tiny tub of yogurt. Apply generous amounts of it on facial areas where fine lines are present. Wash off with water after a few minutes.
Fungal Infection Stopper
Having ringworm, athlete’s foot and other fungal infections can certainly take away much of your confidence and appeal. Luckily, something as simple as applying yogurt on affected areas of your skin on a regular basis can help put an end to the disgusting infection. Yogurt works by combating those fungi with the help of the billions of good bacteria found in it.
Hair Conditioner
Massaging yogurt on your scalp as well as on your tresses can work wonders. This semisolid treat packed with nutrients helps remove dead skin cells on your scalp and eliminate dandruff. It also makes your hair softer and shinier, as well as stronger because it contains protein. After applying, put on a shower cap and shampoo after 20 to 30 minutes.
These are the superb skin and hair beautifying uses of yogurt. Just remember to opt for something that is unflavored for best results!

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