6 Foods That Can Cause Your Joints to Hurt

There are foods that you should add to your diet if your joints are prone to aching. You can easily find tons of articles about them on the internet.
But then there are also foods that you should avoid at all costs if you want to spare your joints from aching, and this article will get you introduced to some of them — so don’t stop reading now.
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Milk and Other Dairy Products

It’s true that dairy food products such as milk, cheese and yogurt are excellent sources of calcium, a mineral that you need to keep your bones strong and thus lower your risk of osteoporosis.
Unfortunately, these products are also capable of causing irritation and inflammation to the soft tissues of the joints.
So if it seems like some of your joints are constantly achy, inflamed and stiff, it’s a good idea for you to skip adding some dairy food products to your diet.

Salty Treats

Everyone is well-aware that the intake of salty or sodium-rich foods is bad for the heart. It’s for the fact that it’s something that can cause the blood pressure to increase considerably.
Did you know that the consumption of a lot of salty foods can also wreak havoc on your joints?
Sodium can cause the blood pressure to rise as it can cause water to collect within. It can also in fact cause water to accumulate in the joints, and this can cause joints prone to aching to feel painful and swollen, too.

Anything Loaded With Sugar

It’s not just the intake of salty foods that you should considerably limit if you want to spare yourself from having achy joints, but also those that are packed with sugar.
Not a lot of people are aware of the fact that sugar can cause inflammation to strike within, and this can certainly cause the joints to hurt.
Besides, a diet that’s high in sugar can easily lead to having excess pounds — your weight-bearing joints like the ankles, knees and hips are likely to ache all the time if you are overweight or obese.
More on Sugar Consumption:

Fried Foods

Aside from sugary treats, it’s also a good idea for you to steer clear of anything that’s greasy. So in other words, foods that are fried should not be served in front of you during mealtimes.
A diet that’s high in fat can actually cause inflammation. Needless to say, it’s something that can wreak havoc on the joints.
Just like having too much sugar, loading up on those greasy fried foods can also lead to unwanted weight gain which is bad most especially on your weight-bearing joints.

Processed Products

When at the supermarket, see to it that you do not pick up any item that can be found in the processed foods aisle. According to health authorities, anything that’s processed can make your joints feel painful.
Just like what the name says, processed foods contain lots of manmade chemicals that can cause inflammation to happen within you.
In addition, a lot of processed products are extremely high in sodium and sugar. Just like what’s mentioned earlier, anything that’s salty and sugary is bad for the joints.

Alcoholic Drinks

Experts say that moderate amounts of alcohol come with health perks. However, too much alcohol can cause all kinds of health-related problems to come into being, and one of those is joint aching.
That’s because toxins in alcohol that can cause inflammation, plus it can dry out the joints — alcohol has diuretic-properties.
Individuals who encounter joint aching and swelling all the time are encouraged to stay away from alcohol — even moderate amounts of it. (medicalnewstoday.com)

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