Know Your Belly Bulge Type and How To Flatten it

Though we are in the day and age when people have become more accepting of their appearances than in previous decades, good health, wellness and a long life are the new pressing desires of the masses. The most dangerous type of fat is the belly fat, so few places make for a better start.
Your belly bulge type is dependent upon your musculoskeletal structure, genetics, lifestyle, diet and more. Once you know which belly type you have, you can address the weight loss plan with efficiency and focus, tackling the core of stubborn belly extras.
Learning the type of fat you have is the first step to solving this health problem, so let’s look at 5 types of belly fat and how to deal with them.

1. The Life Ring

This type of belly is caused by a sedentary lifestyle. It is due to excess sugar, carbohydrates or alcohol
How to fix it :
a. Less sugar and alcohol intake
b. Eat foods rich in protein and healthy fats such as nuts and oily fish
c. Walking
d. Do the following exercises : lunges, squats and push-ups

2. The Stress Belly

This type of belly is caused by constant stress, missed meals, irritable bowel and an unhealthy diet. This belly is often found on workaholics and perfectionists. The stress you create and absorb from your daily activities doesn’t just blow over your head — it settles in your gut as cortisol. This bulge is evident in the front of the belly, centered around the belly button. Sometimes, it’s even a little tough to the touch.
How to fix it :
a. Go to bed earlier
b. Add magnesium to your diet
c. Try to calm down by doing yoga exercises, stretching and drinking chamomile tea

3. The Low Belly

This type of belly is caused by recent child birth, a monotonous diet and a curved spine.
How to fix it :
a. By having healthy diet—more fiber, carbohydrates, vegetables
b. Drink plenty of water
c. Do planking exercises
d. Do circuit training

4. The Mom Belly

This type of belly is caused by a weak pelvic floor. You need to be a mommy in order to have this type of belly. The pelvic floor muscles are extremely stressed during pregnancy and delivery. They don’t snap back. Usually, you need to make a point of it to retrain them. The uterus does not go back to its original position or placement either. A mommy belly will resemble a pregnant belly that’s softer to the touch, but still rounded.
How to fix it :
a. Eat food rich in healthy fats
b. Do kegel exercises
c. Do stretching exercises
d. Keep the belly drawn inwards
e. Take daytime naps

5. A Bloated Belly in the Evening

This type of belly is caused by food allergies and a weak bowel. You wake up slim, but go to bed with a bloat that grew throughout the day
How to fix it :
a. Do not eat starchy foods
b. Do not drink alcohol
c. Avoid dairy products
d. Eat more vegetables, chicken and fish
e. Drink plenty of water
f. Have a full breakfast meal
g. Do breathing exercises. Inhale and exhale deeply 10 times while lying on your back
h. Take long walks after eating

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