How to Lose Belly Fat for Men

Everyone knows that belly fat can affect one’s self-confidence but a protruding belly can do more than just dampen one’s spirits. As a matter of fact, it is increasing a person’s risk of suffering from various health issues particularly in men. Among the health issues that you are exposing yourself to include heart disease, cancer, diabetes, and sleep apnea just to name a few. Although belly fat can be stubborn, there are ways for you to minimize its size and get rid of it altogether with a few steps.
  • Consult your doctor. First things first, you need to talk to your doctor regarding your belly fat so you will know what’s the best course to take to get rid of it. Your doctor will be able to test you for any health risks and from there help you find the best solution to fix it.

  • Minimize carb intake. One of the reasons why your belly’s circumference is growing is because of too much carbs in your diet. If you want to say goodbye to your belly fat, it would be better to check your diet and try and minimize foods that are loaded with carbohydrates. Go for 100% whole grains such as whole wheat bread, quinoa, and even pasta just to name a few.
  • Add more protein based foods. For men who are trying to reduce their belly fat, load up on proteins instead. Men should eat around 20 to 60 grams of protein per day or more depending on the level or intensity of your workout for the day. Examples of food that contain lean protein are eggs, pork, chicken, tofu, and lean beef. Not only will these protein packed foods help you reduce your belly fat, but you’ll also get more energy not to mention boost your muscle building abilities.
  • Lower your sugar consumption. Although women are more inclined to eating sweets, men too can fall victim to this indulgence which they pay for with their growing belly. Skip drinking sweetened beverages, candies, and even cakes and pastries. If you can’t, you can always limit your intake.
  • Say goodbye to alcohol. There is a reason why a large gut is called “beer belly” so if you want to reduce its size or get rid of your belly fat, it is important that you skip drinking beer and other alcoholic beverages altogether. Sounds tough, it’s true, but you’ll be happier in the long run especially when you get to show off those rock hard abs.
  • Start moving. No matter what diet you are following without proper exercise added to your fitness routine, you won’t see any significant improvements to your belly size. If you are really determined to lose your belly fat, you shouldn’t forget to exercise.

Losing belly fat is not easy but it can be done as long as you are willing to make significant changes in your lifestyle. Keep in mind that you are at high risk of suffering from various health issues if you don’t take action when it comes to your belly fat.
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