The Smoothie That Gives Jennifer Lopez Crazy Amounts of Energy

If you're a J. Lo fan, prepare to love her even more: Recently, the singer returned to her home turf of the Bronx in New York City to pass out one of her favourite smoothies at a community health fair, according to a recent interview with People.
The drink is made with protein powder, banana, spinach, rice milk, and sunflower butter (an alternative to traditional peanut butter that has a similar nutritional profile). 
"I knew the stuff that I was eating wasn't giving me energy," she told People. "I realized that after a while, and I was feeding [the same types of food] to my kids. Is this good for them? So I was ready to try something different. ... [This smoothie] tastes fresh, and you're doing something good for yourself. It makes a huge difference."
Lopez made the shake for people attending the health fair with Marco Borges, the exercise physiologist behind the vegan cleanse that Beyonc√© and Jay Z went on (and raved about) late last year. Borges told Peoplethat J. Lo's go-to drink is packed with fiber, omega-3 fatty acids, and protein—and it can be used as a meal replacement or a recovery shake.
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