How To Use Orange Peels for Reducing Pimples, Skin Whitening and Toner

Are you one of those who toss orange peels in the garbage without a second thought? Did you know that orange peels contain a powerhouse of nutrients which can help to make your skin bright, beautiful and glowing.
Orange peels contain phytonutrients and nutrients which are very beneficial to the skin. In fact, orange peel extracts is an ingredient in most beauty products today. This is because of its effectiveness in reducing acne/pimples and brightening skin.

1. Orange Peel for Acne

Oranges are delicious fruits to eat but their peels, which are often thrown away are more useful to your skin, than you have ever thought possible.
Both the orange peels and the juice can help with skin issues. This is because the peel contains more Vitamin C than the actual pulp of the orange.
Orange is also an AHA or Alpha Hydroxy Acid, therefore it helps exfoliate your skin. Orange peels on the other hand, helps to clean out your skin by extracting dirt from deep inside the pores.
How to Use Orange Peels for Acne:
1. Remove a peel from an orange and wash away dirt and debris. Then gently rub over your acne.
2. You can also use the whole orange by squeezing a bit of juice out.Then apply the fresh orange juice to each spot, using a cotton swab.
​1. Alternatively, you can make the orange peels into a base for your face masks. Take the peel of an orange and put it under direct sunlight for at least 2 days.
2. This will allow the orange peel to dry.
3. Put the peel in the blender to make a fine powder.
4.You can add this orange peel powder as a homemade acne treatment for your DIY mask.

2. Orange Peel for Skin Whitening

Do you have dark spots or blemishes on your skin? Orange peels work as a natural bleach, whichcan help in lightening dark blotches and removing them with time.
Also, orange peels help to deflect harmful UV rays and lighten suntans.
Remember to dilute the orange peel paste when making a face mask. You do not want to burn your skin, as the peels contain lots of citric acid.
How to Use Orange Peels for Skin Whitening:
1. Combine orange peel powder with water to form a paste.
2. Scrub the paste onto one arm.
3. After 2 minutes, rinse it off.
4. Compare this arm with the other. The hand you applied orange peel to will be whiter, brighter and glowing compared to the other one.
5. Apply the same for your face to make it appear whiter and brighter.

3. Orange Peel as Skin Toner

The abundant anti-oxidants and vitamin C in orange peels help in preventing your skin from getting too dry or oily. When applied to skin, these orange peels work as a toner, by removing dirt, dead cells and tightening pores.
Additionally, the calcium in orange peels contributes to anti-oxidant production, which makes dull skin healthy and glowing.
How to Use Orange Peels for Radiant Skin:
1. Place some fresh orange peels in a stainless steel bowl.
2. Pour hot water on it. Then keep it as it is for at least 1 day.
3. On the next day, filter this liquid in a bottle and refrigerate.
4. Wipe your face using a cotton pad with the solution.
5. Leave on your skin to dry.

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