5 Beauty Benefits of Using Ice Cubes on Your Face and Skin

Did you know that ice cubes are capable of much more than just cooling your drinks? These ice cubes could prove to be one of the best thing you can use for your skincare routine.
Ice cubes are the most underrated product, when it comes to beauty hacks. It is versatile and very easy. Also, it is practically free! In fact, there’s probably some in your freezer right now.
The effects of using ice cubes on the face are wonderful. These 5 beauty benefits of ice cubes for your skin will upgrade your beauty routine, therefore, making it easier to treat common skin problems.

Beauty Benefits of Ice Cubes:

1. Exfoliate Skin

Ice cubes are effective for exfoliating your skin. Exfoliation removes the dead skin cells from the surface of the epidermis. For best results, you can make milk ice cubes .
The lactic acid present in the milk, scrubs dead cells, therefore, giving you exfoliated skin. Also, the antioxidants found in cucumber or blueberries will help give you a face lift.
How to Use:
1. Pour milk in an ice tray instead of water, and freeze it. You can also add add cucumber or blueberries in each block.
2. Once frozen, your milk ice cubes are ready.
3. Take a towel, then add the milk cubes and give your skin a gentle press.
4. Massage your skin softly with the ice cubes until the cubes melt.
5. Wash your face with water after a good massage.

2. Make-up Primer

Before applying makeup, prep your skin by rubbing an ice cube all over your neck and face. This will help your makeup to stay on for a longer duration.
How to Use:
1. Gently rub some ice cubes on your face.
2. Apply makeup. Doing this will help your makeup to stay on your face, and last longer.

3. Reduce Skin Oiliness

Struggling with oily skin? Then, give this refreshing and cooling ice cubes a try. Application of ice cubes on your face checks the oil secretion on the skin, therefore, giving you fresh and oil-free skin.
How to Use:
1. Wash your face.
2. Rub your face gently with ice cubes wrapped in plastic or towel made from thin fabric.
3. Apply moisturiser, once the oiliness is reduced.
To make the ice cubers even more refreshing, try using mint ice cubes. Pour water and, in each block, put a mint leaf.

4. Relieve Puffy Eyes

Cold packs is a great remedy for puffy or tired eyes. You can use plain ice cubes or ice cubes made out of green tea or milk.
But, since the skin around the eyes is delicate, the ice cubes should not be used for long duration.
How to Use:
1. Make ice cubes using plain water, milk or green tea.
2. Wash your face and wipe dry.
3. Wrap the ice cubes in a plastic bag or towel.
4. Press gently the cubes on your eyes for short periods.
5. Once done, dry your skin with a towel.

5. Sunburn Remedy

Did you had too much fun in the sun? You probably did not notice the sunburns. These sunburn is really painful and can ruin your skin.
Aloe vera ice cubes is one of the best remedies for this. According to the University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences, the cooling effect of aloe vera will soothe your sunburn.
You can also try ice cubes made of pureed cucumber. Cucumber contains the antioxidant vitamin C (Goswami, Priyanka Kantivan, Mayuri Samant, and Rashmi Srivastava. “Natural sunscreen agents: A review.” SAJP 2 (2013): 458-463).
How to Use:
1. Make ice cubes using cucumber or aloe vera.
2. Wash your face and towel dry.
3. Wrap the ice cube in a towel or plastic bag.
4. Apply on the affected area until the ice melts.

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