5 Benefits of Honey + Milk

Honey and milk have known benefits when consumed individually. When combined together, they provide surprising health benefits.
The health benefits of milk and honey include increased stamina and advantages in skin care. The benefits of milk and honey on the human body are so huge that the phrase “land of milk and honey,” meaning “a place which has plenty” is rightly used.
Honey is traditionally used for health because of its antibacterial, antioxidant, and anti-fungal properties, as well as its anti-inflammatory, soothing, effects on respiratory issues.
Milk, on the other hand, has been praised for its mineral and vitamin content, including fat-soluble vitamins, B vitamins, vitamin A, D, and calcium, as well as its animal protein, and lactic acid. But, these attributes can combine when honey and milk are taken together, resulting in some desirable and unique benefits.

What Happens When Honey is Mixed With Milk?

1. Antibacterial Benefits

Research have shown that honey and milk have a more pronounced effect on Staphylococcus bacteria, as compared to either milk or honey when taken on its own. Also, it is believed that honey, added to warm milk, cures constipation, flatulence, and intestinal disorders.
Also, it is good for treating respiratory disorders such as cough and cold.

2. Anti-ageing Properties

Using milk and honey on the skin regularly slows down the ageing process, while also reduces wrinkles on the skin.
Face packs such as honey and milk works wonderfully from the outside to keep your skin healthy. Their antioxidant properties stop the free radical attack on the skin which usually causes blotches, wrinkles, and degradation in general.

3. Bone Health

As research on honey continues, it is gradually becoming clear that honey acts as a transporter and carrier of nutrients from food throughout the body. Honey showed itself to be integral in the body’s acute uptake of calcium, of which milk is a rich source. This is noted by a study done on rats by Dr. Merlin Ariefdjohan of the University of Colorado in the United States.
Therefore, consuming milk and honey together will not only give your body the necessary nutrients (i.e. calcium) to benefit your bone health, but it will also maximize its absorption in the body. Proper calcium levels can help in preventing conditions such as inflammation of the joints and osteoporosis.

4. Boosts Stamina

A glass of honey and milk every morning is believed to improve a person’s stamina. Milk contains protein, while honey on the other hand, contains the necessary carbohydrates required for an effective stimulus of metabolism.
Animal proteins from milk are broken down into basic amino acids by the enzymes and are then reformed to create usable proteins for humans. While, the excess material in this transformation is then oxidized as usable energy.
Proteins are an important part of the human diet, and honey helps to stimulate their metabolism.

5. Helps in Digestion

Honey being prebiotic promotes the growth of ‘good’ or useful bacteria in the digestive system. When milk is consumed daily with a few drops of honey, it helps in restoring the healthy bacterial flora that is needed for a good digestive system.
Therefore, regular consumption helps maintain the gastrointestinal tract healthy by eliminating bloating, constipation and cramps.

Does Honey Become Toxic in Warm Milk?

Honey does not become toxic when added to warm milk. But, honey should not be heated to temperatures higher than 140 degrees, as per a study published in the Ayurveda journal Ayu.
As per researchers, honey, when heated, produces a toxin known as hydroxymethyl furfuraldehyde (HMF). You can add the desired amount of honey in warm milk, rather than hot milk, to get the full health benefits of this combination.
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