7 Wonderful Health Benefits of Nutmeg

Nutmeg grows on an evergreen tree with the scientific classification Myristica fragrans or most commonly known as common nutmeg. It is a slightly sweet spice that is widely used in cuisines around the world, including both Western and Asian recipes.
Also, its tree is highly valued because of the essential oils that are derived from the leaves and tree. Nutmeg butter is also considered to be a popular derivative food that packs various health benefits. The essential oils from the nutmeg extract are highly beneficial to your health and are frequently used in alternative or herbal medicine.
Nutmeg is a popular spice known for its long list of associated health benefits. These & Health Benefits are listed below.

7 Health Benefits of Nutmeg:

1. Better Sleep

If you are having difficulty sleeping at night, you can drink a cup of milk added with some nutmeg powder. This will help you to achieve relaxation and will induce sleep.

2. Brain Health

Nutmeg contains various components of essential oil, known as macelignan and myristicin. These compounds were proven to help reduce the degradation of neural pathways and the cognitive function that are common in individuals with dementia or Alzheimer’s disease. Researches have shown macelignan and myristicin slow those effects and helps in keeping your brain functioning at a healthy and normal level.

3. Helps Digestion

Nutmeg in its powder form retains its fiber content, which can help stimulate the digestive process by promoting peristaltic motion in the muscles of the intestine. It also induces the secretion of intestinal and gastric juices that ease the digestive process.

4. Improves Blood Pressure and Circulation

Nutmeg’s mineral content is valuable in maintaining organ function. It contains potassium, a vasodilator, which relaxes blood vessels, therefore reduces blood pressure and lowers the strain on the cardiovascular system.

5. Loaded in Minerals

Nutmeg adds aroma and helps enhance the taste of your food. Also, gives you trace minerals that helps in keeping the immune system strong. Calcium, potassium, manganese and iron are among the key minerals found in nutmeg.

6. Pain Relief

Nutmeg is also known as an effective sedative. It is a staple in ancient Chinese medicine. They used the spice to treat abdominal pain and inflammation.
You can use nutmeg if you are suffering from arthritis, muscle pain, aching joints, sores and other ailments. To help relieve the pain, you can apply nutmeg oil to the affected areas.

7. Skin Health

Mixing a little ground nutmeg with water or honey into a paste, can make your skin look brighter and clearer within a few days, therefore reducing scars and alleviating acne. Also, you can add nutmeg to your face scrub to get the same benefits.
Consuming huge amount of nutmeg can cause serious complications on your bodily processes, as it a spice that is meant to be used in small quantities. Overuse of nutmeg is known to cause palpitations, seizures and vomiting.
When used appropriately, there are many benefits of nutmeg, but remember to keep the amount under control.

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