Is Daily Walking The Latest “Wonder Drug”?

Researchers have discovered a new “wonder drug” for some of today’s most common medical problems. The new “drug” is called walking and its generic name is “physical activity”.
Experts said that “walking” or “brisk walking”, for at least half an hour daily, is equivalent to taking the “magic pill” that helps prevent premature death and ageing. It is a low-impact and gentle form of exercise that’s free, easy and is suitable for persons of all ages.
This wonder-drug was able to prevent diabetes, obesity, lower the risk of some cancers, increase mobility, relieve depression and anxiety. It also slowed the progression of Alzheimer’s disease, improved the ability to reason and think and reason, boosted energy levels, cut arthritic pain by at least 50% and led to a 23% lower risk of dying.

Here’s more “wonder drug” benefits of walking:

  1. Reduce symptoms of depression, stress and anxiety.
  2. Improves blood flow to the brain, thus protecting against dementia.
  3. Lower risk of diabetes, heart disease, and bowel cancer
  4. Increased life expectancy, as recent studies showed an association between walking and a 19%-30% decline in premature deaths
  5. Walking for 30 minutes burns at least 440 kJ for a woman (70kg) and 500kJ for a man (85kg)
  6. At least 15 minutes per day of brisk walking can have significant health benefits, like adding up to 3 years to life expectancy and reduction in the all-cause death rates by 4%.
  7. Helps build endurance by boosting the heart and lungs’ ability to get oxygen-rich blood to the muscles.
  8. Improve immunity to fight colds and flu.
  9. Helps to build strong muscles and support joints, thus easing the symptoms of arthritis.
  10. Helps build strong bones, thus protecting against osteoporosis.

How to Start:

Moderation is the Key

When starting a new fitness program, moderation is the key. It is recommended to be gentle and progressive with your program routine.


You can avoid injuries by stretching gently after your walk.

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