Bizarre Diet Tricks That Promote Quick Weight Loss

People do some odd diet tricks and some of them are actually effective.
Sniffing a banana, apple, or peppermint is one of the bizarre ways to slim down, as per Reader’s Digest. According to investigators, the act of sniffing the food deceives the brain into thinking that the food is actually being eaten. While it could be absurd, research findings revealed that the frequency of sniffing the aforementioned food is directly proportional to weight loss. The more often people sniffed the food, the more weight they lost. In fact, the findings exposed that people who did this lost an average of 30 pounds each.
Another peculiar diet trick is eating in front of mirrors. Research says that by doing this, a person may reduce the amount of food he eats by approximately one-third. Looking oneself at the mirror while eating will remind the person his internal goals and standards, which can throw back the main reasons why he is trying to lose weight.
Blue is not only a symbol of peace and calmness; it is also a color of appetite suppression. This can be done by serving food on blue plates, wearing blue while eating, and covering the table with a blue table cloth. These means that colors red, yellow, and orange should be avoided in dining areas, since these colors promote excessive eating.
Some people enjoy taking photos of their food before eating them. But aside from sharing to other people what one is eating, taking food pictures provides a person a visual account of his daily food consumption, which can make him and other people think twice before eating more. It is not expensive to do it, since all that are needed are the food and the working camera.
Another unusual diet method is putting a tie around the waist area. In France, women who are conscious about their weight wear a ribbon around their waist, underneath their clothes. As they consume food and beverage, the ribbon tightens their tummy, reminding them of their food intake. As a result, they will limit their food intake.
According to Watchfit, eating within 30 minutes after fasting at night is one of the bizarre ways to be fit and fab. Doing this will trigger diet-induced thermogenesis (DIT), which is a process of heat generation through specific nutrition timing, thus, boosting one’s metabolism. Aside from having better performance in school, eating meals within 30 minutes after waking up helps a person burn better.
Dr. Nancy Rothwell and Dr. Michael Stock are well-known obesity researchers. According to them, a person’s metabolism is influenced by the body’s increased energy expenditure, along with food ingestion. When these elements are down, the body will shift into starvation mode, which will slow down the body’s metabolic process. As a result, the body will be stimulated to increase storage of glucose and fat cells as reserves.
With these facts, it would be recommended to consume food within the first thirty minutes after waking up from sleep to promote weight loss.
Overall, not all people do these diet methods; however, some of them have reasonable rationales, which help people to manage their weight.

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