What Banana Color is Best for Weight Loss?

The secret to losing those excess weight can be found in your banana. Brown, yellow, and green peels each have different effects on your body.
You all know that it is what on the inside that counts, but, it is what’s on the outside of this fruit or its peel, that lets you know what you are getting. Bananas are rich in potassium and help in diminishing water retention, that is why they are known to be one of the healthiest carbohydrates for your 6-pack.
Each banana has its own drawbacks and benefits, depending on how far along it is in the ripening process. Therefore, you should use a guide to know what type of banana best suits your diet.

Bananas for Weight Loss:

1. Green Banana

Green bananas are the least ripe of the bunch, and are are known more for their resistant starch and less for their sugar content.
But, resistant to what, exactly? Digestion, because it cannot be broken down by enzymes, this digestion-resistant starch keeps you satiated. And as your body works on the fiber-like starch of the banana, you feel fuller for longer. This means, you prevent those mindless snacking later.
Under-ripe bananas are not exactly super appetizing or easy to peel. But, while green bananas do not taste great on their own, they are very versatile; thus, making them perfect for cookies, smoothies, etc.

2. Yellow Banana

Ripe and yellow banana taste and look fine, its benefits are just that, fine, when compared to the other 2 extremes. The resistant starch that is present in under-ripe bananas has changed to simple sugar at this point, therefore, you can say goodbye to satiation.
And though there is an antioxidant increase in yellow bananas, the amount is still not as much, as the increase present in overripe ones.

3. Brown Banana

Brown banana is considered to be on the other end of the ripeness spectrum, and the sweetest option. This means that as its ripeness increases, its fructose levels increases as well.
Also, as the sugar content increases, micronutrients are going down. Therefore, the riper a banana becomes, the less thiamin, folic acid, and vitamin C, it contains.
When the peels of the bananas are completely brown, this means the bananas are producing the most antioxidants. These help in preventing or delaying some types of cell damage.
And if the peels are only speckled with dark spots, this means that bananas are producing Tumor Necrosis Factor, which is a cancer-fighting substance that is most powerful at destroying abnormal cells when the spots are darkest.
As per the Food Science and Technology Research study, ripe bananas help in boosting your body’s immune system 8x more than a fresh banana does.

What Banana Color is Best for Weight Loss?

With all the benefits of bananas mentioned, do not forget that a medium-sized banana of any kind contains 105 calories, and is still good for you, whether it is firm, soft solid or polka-dotted.
But, if you want to lose weight, go for the green bananas, since these tend to be a bit stiffer, as compared to ripe bananas. Also, green bananas are best used in smoothies or added into oatmeal.
As mentioned earlier, the low sugar content of green bananas and its resistant starch, makes them your best option for weight-loss success.
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