What are the Health Benefits of Eating Oat Bran?

Making whole grains very beneficial are the three important parts that they have — the germ, endosperm and bran. So when we say oat bran, it means that it’s just the bran and nothing else. But even though it’s nothing like oatmeal which is a complete whole grain because it has everything that’s good for you, oat bran is still actually very beneficial.
Oat bran is the broken coat of the seed of, separated from the flour or meal by sifting or bolting; the coarse, chaffy part of ground grain. The main structural difference is that oatmeal (typically rolled oats) is whole grain, while oat bran is just the bran of the oat.
Nutrition experts say that oat bran boasts of 50 percent more fiber than oatmeal, and this is exactly why it’s something that should be included in the diet on a regular basis. Oat bran, just like oatmeal, is also a wonderful source of protein, B vitamins, iron and energizing carbohydrates, making it an excellent breakfast treat.
Did you know that in the past oat bran was used as livestock feed only? Fortunately, the many health benefits oat bran could offer when consumed by humans were put under the spotlight, and it’s now considered as one of the most excellent food sources of fiber for everyone. Here are some of the health perks that the consumption of oat bran offers:

It Controls Blood Sugar

Oat bran is especially beneficial for people who are diagnosed with diabetes. That’s because its being loaded with fiber makes it a phenomenal regulator of the amount of sugar released into the blood at any given time. Oat bran is not only ideal for people with diabetes, but also those who are at high risk of developing it.

It Helps Lower Bad Cholesterol

Doctors say that the inclusion of oat bran in the diet on a regular basis may help in lowering bad cholesterol levels, which only means that it’s very good for keeping the heart in an excellent shape. Fiber in oat bran reduces the amount of bad cholesterol that gets into the bloodstream, flushing them out of the body.

It Regulates Bowel Movement

Other than cholesterol, oat bran also helps in promoting an efficient removal of toxins in the gut. In other words, it helps promote regular movement of the bowels. Consuming a serving of oat bran on a regular basis is perfect especially for those who often find themselves having a bout of constipation.

It May Lower Colon Cancer

According to medical experts, a diet that’s high in fiber may help in lowering a person’s risk of suffering from colon cancer, which can be very deadly especially if it goes unnoticed and gets to a more advanced stage. Regularly eating fiber-rich oat bran may not only ward off colon cancer, but also embarrassing and uncomfortable hemorrhoids.

It Helps Promote Weight Reduction

Trying to shed off unwanted pounds? Then it’s a wonderful idea for you to include oat bran in your diet. Since it’s packed with fiber, a serving of it feels so heavy on the stomach — and this helps you from having seconds. Oat bran also helps keep unhealthy snacking at bay, and this is why it can really help you attain your dream figure.
Everyone is well-aware of the health benefits offered by oatmeal, but only a few people have heard about the perks of oat bran. Let your health-conscious family and friends know about them, too, by reposting this article! (valuefood.info)

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