List of Foods That Help Improve Hearing

Can’t imagine a world in which you cannot clearly hear your favorite songs or the voice of your secret office crush? Then make sure that you shield your ears from loud noises and refrain from driving cotton swabs into your ear canal. Also, see to it that your everyday diet consists of foods that are known to help improve your hearing.
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Everyone has heard about foods that help build muscles, promote sharp vision, strengthen hair and beautify the skin. However, we rarely come across listings of foods that help keep our hearing intact. Well, below you will find a quick list of foods that you should eat on a regular basis for the utmost benefit of your sense of hearing.


The consumption of bananas is usually recommended for people who are battling high blood pressure or hypertension. But it’s not just the blood pressure that bananas regulate, but also other fluids in the body such as those in your ears. It’s for this reason why bananas are great for keeping your hearing A-OK.

Sweet Potatoes

You can also obtain good amounts of potassium from every serving of sweet potatoes. Needless to say, including them in your diet as often as you can allows you to keep your superb hearing. By the way, other good sources of potassium include yogurt, white beans, pistachios, cantaloupes, chicken breast, tuna and halibut.


Aside from potassium, there is another nutrient in broccoli that’s good for your ears, and that’s folate. Also sometimes known as vitamin B9, ear experts say that folate is especially beneficial for the prevention of what’s known as tinnitus — that ringing or buzzing sound in one of the ears or both.

Dark Greens

Tinnitus-fighting folate can also be obtained from an assortment of leafy greens, including spinach, turnip greens, kale and asparagus. Aside from green-colored leafy vegetables, you can also get good amounts of folate from certain types of beans. Some of the best ones, according to nutritionists, are lentils and chickpeas.

Beans and Nuts

Another nutrient that is very good for the ears is magnesium. Ear doctors say that it is especially superb at warding off hearing loss due to exposure to loud sounds. You can obtain plenty of magnesium from various types of beans. You can also get it from nuts, although avoid salted ones as a high-sodium diet is actually bad for the ears.

Whole Grains

Zinc is present in brown rice, oatmeal, buckwheat, bulgur and other whole wheat and food products out of whole wheat, and the said nutrient is essential for boosting the immune system. With your immune system strengthened, ear infections that can potentially lead to hearing loss can be kept at bay.


You can also obtain superb amounts of ear infection-preventing zinc from various types of sea foods — oysters, lobsters and crabs are some of the best ones. Zinc is present in many other foods, too. Some good examples are spinach, pork, chicken, mushrooms, beans, wheat germ and even dark chocolate! (

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