How to Curb Your Hunger in Intermittent Fasting

Intermittent fasting has been the go-to diet by many people who need to get their weight loss diet plans running. This is not surprising given that intermittent fasting shocks your body into using your fatty reserves to meet your energy requirements. There are different ways that you can do your fasting, such as skipping meals at least twice a week, or not eating for 10 hours on a daily basis. The goal here is to reduce your food consumption to help burn the fats that are sticking to your body.
But as with any diet, you will be dealing with the hunger pangs too, especially on days when you are not eating. Truth be told, if this is your first time to do intermittent fasting, hunger pangs are going to disrupt your sanity, and make you question yourself whether it is a good idea to starve yourself. Well, the good news is that there are ways in which you can deal with the hunger when doing an intermittent fasting, so that you will be able to meet your desired goal. Here are a few tips on how you’ll be able to curb your hunger while you are fasting.

Water is your friend

The first thing that you need to do when it comes to intermittent fasting is to drink water when you wake up. Experts recommend that you consume at least 32 ounces of water during the first hour then twice every hour at least. Of course, drinking lots of water can mean several trips to the bathroom which is perfectly normal.

Bone broth

Another tip on how you can curb your hunger while fasting is to drink some bone broth. Bone broth that is made from beef, fish, or chicken bones not only warms your tummy, but they can also help fill your belly up for hours as well. Consuming bone broth is actually delicious because the nutritional elements are mixed with the water. The next time you are planning on doing intermittent fasting, you should consider sipping on some of this broth to curb your hunger.

Drink tea

Water is great, but sometimes your taste buds are looking for something else. Well, why not drink tea too? Sipping on a freshly brewed tea can warm your hungry stomach while curbing your hunger in the process. You can have three cups of non-caffeinated tea during the window hours of eating so you will still fall inside the intermittent fasting schedule that you have. What’s great about drinking tea is that you’ll be able to try different flavors which is an enjoyable experience.

Eat enough

There is no point in denying yourself during the window hours of eating because you will need sufficient energy for the day. However, this doesn’t mean that you should indulge on foods that are bad for your health. You should still stick with healthier food options such as salads, soups, fish, and the like to help you with your diet. With these food choices, you will be in a much better position to keep your energy levels up.

Make sure that you are sleeping enough

Another way to control your hunger while doing an intermittent fasting is to ensure that you are getting enough sleep every day. Missing out on sleep will not only make you feel groggy the following day, but it will also cause you to become hungry too. If you lack sleep, you’ll find yourself gorging on way too much food which can disrupt your intermittent fasting. See to it that you are getting 8 hours of good sleep every day. (, photo by pixabay)

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