5 Reasons to Avoid Eating Instant Noodles

Instant noodles are cheap and easy to prepare, and that is why they’re very popular among those who are on a budget and short on time. Sadly, in place of their being friendly to the pocket and highly convenient are some health dangers that those who are fond of preparing and consuming instant noodles ought to know.
Keep on reading if regularly consume instant noodles — below you will come across some of the reasons why it is a good idea for you to considerably limit your intake of instant noodles or completely turn you back on them.
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Increased Cancer Risk

Just like other instant stuff, instant noodles contain preservatives that extend their shelf life. Two preservatives commonly added to instant noodles are t-butylhydroquinone (TBHQ) and butylated hydroxyanisole (BHA).
While in small amounts TBHQ and BHA are scientifically-proven to be harmless, it’s a completely different story if they’re consumed excessively — experts say that TBHQ and BHA may increase cancer risk.

Stomach ache

Instant noodles may be served in front of you in an instant, but they do not get digested instantly. Perhaps you have already seen tons of videos online about the fact that instant noodles stay longer in your stomach than usual.
Your stomach is not really designed to digest processed foods such as instant noodles, and that’s why it’s not unlikely for you to end up with a nasty stomachache after having a serving of instant noodles.

Other Unfavorable Symptoms

There’s another reason why your tummy may end up in distress after introducing instant noodles to your system: MSG. Short for monosodium glutamate, MSG is a very popular food flavor enhancer — Chinese foods are notorious for containing lots and lots of MSG.
Most instant noodles on the current market are loaded with MSG to make them taste awesome. And if you’re one of those people who are sensitive to MSG, consuming them may leave you with: nausea, headaches, facial numbness, heart palpitations and chest pain.

Elevated Blood Pressure

It’s common knowledge that most instant or processed foods are extremely high in sodium. That is why it’s not unlikely for the consumption of instant noodles to cause your blood pressure to spike.
The intake of instant noodles is bad for you if you are diagnosed with hypertension because their sodium content can make your already elevated blood pressure to increase further. Instant noodles are a no-no to people with heart disease or those who are at risk of it.

Weight Gain

Are you trying to get rid of excess pounds? If you think that opting for instant noodles can help you turn the figure of your dreams into a reality trouble-free, think again — instant noodles can make you gain excess pounds, not lose unwanted ones.
Noodles in instant noodles are usually made from refined wheat flour that’s devoid of fiber as well as many other key nutrients. Such can leave you feeling hungry constantly. And because instant noodles are high in sodium, it’s not unlikely for you to gain water weight.
If you’re always on a tight budget  constantly in a rush, fret not. Experts suggest the following tips and tricks on how to minimize the many health dangers of eating instant noodles:
  • Considerably limit your intake of instant noodles — turn to them only when there’s really nothing else to eat.
  • Add some fresh vegetables to a serving of instant noodles to make sure that you’re supplying your body with a wide variety of nutrients.
  • Look for a variant that’s low in sodium in order to keep high blood pressure at bay.
  • Throw away the flavor packet which contains most of the bad stuff and instead use homemade broth, herbs and spices to make a bowl of instant noodles less unhealthy.(livescience.com)

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