Sugarcane Juice: For Kidney Health, Lowering Cholesterol, and More

Sugarcane, is a grass plant with 36 varieties, contains no fats and is a 100% natural drink.
A 240 ml or 8-ounce serving of sugar cane juice, minus any additives contains 250 calories, with 30 gm natural sugars. It contains zero fat, cholesterol, protein and fiber but contains potassium, sodium, magnesium, calcium, and iron.
We have rounded up 6 Health Benefits of Sugarcane for you.

Health Benefits of Sugarcane Juice:

1. Bone Health

Drinking sugarcane juice boosts manganese, iron, calcium, magnesium, and potassium levels in your body, therefore, making it an essential part of bone strengthening. This, in turn, helps in the prevention of the development of osteoporosis.
Just 1 glass of sugarcane juice every day can keep your bones strong as you age.

2. Energy Boost

The stalk of the sugarcane plant is loaded in sucrose, known as a simple form of sugar. Sugarcane is essential in making some food items such as jaggery and molasses, apart from being consumed as a juice, usually freshly pressed in small hand mills.
Being rich in sucrose, sugarcane juice is easily absorbed by your body and can give instant boost when you are dehydrated or low on sugar.

3. Kidney Health

Being a natural low-sodium and low-cholesterol dirnk that has no saturated fats, sugarcane juice helps in keeping your kidneys in good condition.

4. Lower Cholesterol Levels

Studies have reported that drinking raw sugarcane juice can help in lowering overall cholesterol levels, both triglycerides and LDL cholesterol, which can further protect your heart and help in preventing cardiovascular disease as you age.

5. Prevents Cancer

Sugarcane helps in preventing cancer to some extent. This is due to it high alkaline content because of the concentration of iron, manganese, magnesium,potassium, and calcium.
It is hard for cancer cells to survive in an alkaline environment, that is why prostate and breast cancer can be fight off by consuming sugarcane juice regularly.

6. Skin Health

One of the components of sugarcane juice is alpha hydroxy acids, specifically glycolic acid, which has been attributed to antioxidant effects on the skin.
Sugarcane juice, when regularly consumed, can clear up infections and skin inflammation, while also reducing signs of aging, including blemishes, wrinkles, scars and discoloration.

Sugarcane Juice Recipe:

2 sticks Sugar Cane medium sized
1/2 cup water
1 Tablespoon of lemon
Strainer or a small piece of Muslin cloth
Small Piece of ginger (optional)
1. Wash the fresh sugarcanes.
2. Peel the outer layer of the sugar cane using a sharp knife. If available, you can just buy fresh peeled sugarcanes.
3. Cut the sugarcane into small pieces. Make sure that the size are not longer than an inch, as your blender might not handle long pieces.
Sugarcane is naturally hard, and this might break or damage the blender knives.
4. Blend sugarcane pieces and add half a cup of water and ginger (optional). A normal juicer may also be use.
5. Separate the juice from the sugarcane pieces with the use of muslin cloth or strainer. You can blend the same sugarcane pieces again by just adding little amount of water, if the juice is not properly extracted.
6. You can drink juice chilled after refrigeration. You can also add a tablespoon of lemon according to the taste required.
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