7 Reasons Why You Should Smile More

Other than making you look friendlier, younger and more attractive, did you know that flashing that smile of yours can also make you healthier? Each time you show off your pearly whites, it’s like popping a pill in your mouth that is capable of affecting your mind and body in all sorts of ways, from regulating your blood pressure to kissing pain away. So read on to know some of the best reasons why it’s a good idea to smile more often.
It Slows Down Your Heart Rate
Smiling calms you down and this helps slow down your heart rate. You don’t want your ticker to be beating rapidly all the time because it can have a negative impact on the cardiovascular health. Each time you feel that your heart is racing, relax and smile. It helps make your heart healthier and your face look more appealing.
Smiling Helps Lower Your Blood Pressure Temporarily
High blood pressure is another thing that can wreak havoc to your cardiovascular system. According to the experts, you can actually see for yourself whether or not smiling really has a measurable impact on the blood pressure. All you have to do is smile for a few minutes, grab a blood pressure monitor, and take a reading while you’re still flashing that smile.
It Helps Reduce Stress
Smiling more often is a good idea especially if you’re swamped with office or home responsibilities that leave you feeling frazzled. That’s because it’s a proven fact that putting on a smile causes the body to release endorphins that counteract the stress hormone cortisol. Whenever you feel stressed out, smile to calm both your body and mind.
Flashing a Smile Helps Lift Your Mood
On days when it seems like there’s no reason to smile, force a smile to actually feel cheery. As mentioned earlier, smiling causes the body to produce more endorphins — hormones that make you happy. So each time you are feeling down in the dumps, you can brighten up your day simply by smiling — even if you don’t mean it.
Smiling Helps Ease Pain
It’s no secret that prescribed and even Over The Counter painkillers yield some unwanted side effects. If you want to be pain-free minus putting up with unfavorable effects, smile. The painkilling benefit of smiling stems from the fact that the act helps in the production of endorphins. Aside from making you happy, endorphins have painkilling properties.
It Strengthens Your Immune System
Because smiling helps relax the body, it allows your immunity to function much better. Who knew that something as simple as putting on a smile can actually make you more impervious to diseases and infections brought about by invading microorganisms and parasites? If you want to be free of sicknesses, smile often.
You Look Younger and Healthier When You Smile
Are you on the hunt for an anti-aging solution that does not cost a lot like many of today’s cosmetics and involves no risks like plastic surgery? There’s something that is both cost- and risk-free, and it’s called smiling. According to a study, a smile can make you look younger by around 3 years instantly. (1MHT)

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