Foods to Avoid If You Have an Enlarged Prostate

Doctors call it benign prostatic hyperplasia or BPH but everybody else outside the medical community refer to it as enlarged prostate. Needless to say, this article is for men who are told that their prostate glands are larger than usual. Reading this is also recommended for any man who has the risk factors for an enlarged prostate gland such as being 60 years old and above, suffering from diabetes or heart disease, and having a family history of it.
Below you will come across some of the foods that should be avoided by those with enlarged prostate. Feel free to share this article on your different social media sites afterwards to get your male friends know which foods they should steer clear of in order to keep their prostate glands out of harm’s way.

Red Meat

Even though health authorities cannot say the exactly reason why red meat can cause the prostate gland to increase in size, they are pretty sure that an enlarged prostate can be linked to a diet that’s high in red meat.
So in order to save your prostate from growing in size, it’s a good idea for you to considerably limit your intake of red meat. The good news is there are many alternatives to it that won’t put your prostate gland in danger. Chicken, turkey and oily types of fish are some wonderful replacements.

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Fatty Foods

Scientists are positive that a diet that consists of a lot of fatty stuff can contribute to the enlargement of one’s prostate gland. Needless to say, it’s a good idea for males who suffer from BPH or at high risk of it to start switching to a diet that’s low in saturated fats.
Certainly, anything that’s readily available at a fast food joint should never end up in your mouth. The same is true for some of your favorite treats such as chips, pizza, donuts and ice cream.

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Speaking of ice cream, it’s recommended by the experts for you to significantly cut back on your consumption of dairy products. This means that the intake of milk and anything that contains it should be limited.
Although it’s true that dairy products are phenomenal sources of calcium that’s so important for lowering one’s risk of osteoporosis, they have to go. The good news is you can keep on strengthening your bones even without having lots of dairy as calcium can also be obtained from nuts, seeds, beans, and canned fish like salmon and sardines.

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Spicy Foods

It’s true that spicy foods are delightful to the taste buds. However, they can be terrible to the prostate glands of some men. That’s because anything spicy can cause irritation of the bladder. If you are like some men who experience symptoms associated with an enlarged prostate, consider limiting your intake of spicy foods.
By the way, a lot of men’s prostate glands react in the same fashion to acidic foods. Make sure that you steer clear of them if they cause you to have frequent urges to pee or difficulty peeing.

Alcohol and Coffee

Just like spicy and acidic foods, alcohol can cause irritation of the prostate gland. However, some studies suggest that moderate amounts of alcohol can actually help lower a man’s risk of suffering from BPH in the future. So in order to fend off an enlarged prostate with the help of alcohol, make sure that you drink no more than 2 glasses of it a day.
Experts suggest those with enlarged prostates to considerably limit their intake of coffee, too. That’s because caffeine can cause exacerbation of the symptoms. Aside from coffee, pother caffeinated drinks should be limited as well.

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