How Oolong Tea Can Reboot Your Health

By drinking oolong tea every day, you will be joining millions of people who for thousands of years have recognized its health-promoting benefits. Cutting-edge science is only now beginning to understand and unravel that oolong is good for your DNA.

Oolong is considered by most tea manufacturers to be the most challenging type of tea to produce. It requires a really skilled tea artisan or master to get just right. The simple reason for this is that unlike green tea that is merely heated, or black tea that's allowed to completely oxidize, oolong is a finicky compromise between the two and requires many more careful, attentive steps along the way.

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There is also an artisanal, skillful balance required in the art of producing oolong. It can take anywhere from 36 to 48 consecutive hours of an impressively labor-intensive process to produce a good oolong. The reverence for the immaculate implementation of this time-honored tradition is exemplified in the Taiwanese saying
  "What is done in the processing of the fresh leaf is going to show up in the cup."

It is this very distinguished processing that gives oolong tea its unique chemical polyphenols and properties that are unlike every other tea. It's during the processing that new polyphenol compounds constantly emerge. Some of these naturally produced compounds have incredible potential health benefits for you.

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The first reason is that drinking certain types of oolong tea has the power to help you lose weight by stopping you from absorbing fat from your diet. I also believe that oolong tea has the power to get your DNA working for you as it specifically targets visceral, or the proverbial "belly-fat," weight. Oolong, like some other varieties of teas, has phytochemical compounds called catechins, that have the power to inhibit enzymes such as gastric and pancreatic lipases that help move fat from your gut into your body. And less body fat is something we all want.

The second important reason for drinking oolong every day is that it has the power to help shift your microbiome in a beneficial direction—by promoting microbes that favor health over obesity. Abnormal changes in your microbiome can lead to increased inflammation and instances of "leaky gut," which can damage your DNA. By lowering inflammation, oolong can help with that. It's also thought that teas like oolong have the ability to shift the microbiome toward being populated by the more beneficial types of microbes, which will certainly positively impact your health.

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However, the third and most important aspect is that you can potentially get all of these important benefits, including the ability to reduce oxidative stress, without adding any additional calories. There's no other food or beverage on Earth that's known today that can deliver that to you. Did I mention that oolong can be delicious and is a pleasure to drink? Sounds like a win-win to me.

Adapted from The DNA Restart

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