This Is What Spending One Hour in the Garden Does to Your Body

With the sunshine becoming a more regular feature in our lives, what better way to feel inspired than to engage in some active garden pursuits? We are already aware of the mental health benefits we can enjoy from gardening, and we even know that it can increase our life expectancy but what physically happens to our bodies during the activity? 

Let's take just one hour, for example – what actually happens to our bodies during that time? AXA PPP Healthcare have released a new infographic to help illustrate the impact just one hour of gardening has on our health, including the calories we burn, muscles we strengthen, and the vital organs we nourish. These are the incredibly positive results…

How many calories do gardening activities burn in an hour?


What are the physical benefits of gardening on...

Your stomach?
Regularly exposing yourself to the bacteria in soil means that gardeners' stomachs are more resistant and their immune system is stronger.

Your heart?
Gardening can naturally strengthen your heart, build endurance and increase stamina which, in turn, reduces the risk of heart attack and stroke.

Your muscles?
Gardening works almost every muscle in the body, especially your back, arms, abdominals, bottom, thighs, and hands. Strong muscles improve posture and can protect the body from injury and other future health problems.

Balance and flexibility?
Regular gardening strengthens the muscles around the ankles and feet which in turn improves balance and flexibility. This can help prevent falls and injuries. 

So, to confirm what we already suspected, gardening is wonderful for the mind, body and soul.

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