Here's How Much Weight You'll Gain After You Marry

* A new study reveals married people tend to exercise less.

A new study published in Social Science and Medicine looked at how the exercise and eating habits of married people change. And they found that married people tend to gain an average of 4.5 pounds after tying the knot, Medical Daily reports.

The study looked at over 10,000 people from Europe and the U.K. and found that single people tend to have a slightly lower body mass index compared to their married counterparts. 

It's not a drastic change (men go from 25.7 to 26.3, while women's BMI goes up from 25.1 to only 25.6), but it does mean there's some weight to be gained after marriage.

According to the study, married people tend to exercise less (which accounts for the higher BMI). 

However, they tend to eat healthier. Couples are more likely to eat organic food and avoid going to the drive-through multiple times a week.

"That indicates that particularly men in long-term relationships are more likely to eat more consciously, and, in turn, probably more healthily," said Jutta Mata, the lead author of the study.

So if you're getting ready to walk down the aisle and you want to stay fit afterward, make sure you renew that gym membership.

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