Women In Committed Relationships Have Orgasm Advantage - Study

Casual hookups may not be very sexually satisfying for women, a new study shows.

In fact, women having a casual sexual encounter may be half as likely to have an orgasm as women in committed relationships.

The researchers surveyed 600 college students about their experiences during both casual and committed sexual encounters.

They found that both the male and female students were less likely to orgasm during a fling than when they were in a relationship.

Women who were more traditional about views on love and sex were also less likely to orgasm during their sexual encounters.

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The frequency of men’s orgasms did not vary based on their views towards love and sex.

According to the New York Times, a previous study of 24,000 students at 21 colleges found that only 40% of women achieved orgasm during their last sexual encounter, while 80% of men did.

About 75% of women in relationships, however, reported climaxing during the last time they had sex with
their partner.

Researchers theorize that many women may be less comfortable communicating their preferences and desires to a partner they are relatively unfamiliar with.

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People in relationships may also be more familiar and practiced at what their partners enjoy.

Cultural norms may also play a role, if women feel that their sexual pleasure should not take a front seat during a hookup.

The study’s authors also suggested that men may be less invested in their partners’ pleasure if they are less emotionally connected to them.

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