4 Yoga Poses You're Doing Wrong.

You might think you know yoga. But some subtle, super common mistakes can seriously strain the muscles you want to strengthen. 

Check out the common mistakes that make yoga guru Hilaria Baldwin cringe, and fix them before they interfere with your practice.

Wrong: Your hands are either too close to your feet (A) or too far away from your feet (B). It puts pressure on your shoulders, wrists, and hips, and makes it difficult to transition to other poses.

Right: For perfect positioning, start in plank pose with your wrists under your shoulders. Without moving your hands or feet, press your hips back to downward-facing dog from there.

Wrong: You look at your hands (C). This crunches your neck, which can cause pain.

Right: Keep your ears away from your shoulders and your chin off your chest. Imagine your head is an extension of your spine, and keep it straight.


Wrong: Your front knee is too far forward over your ankle (A). Over time, this can hurt your knee.

Right: Keep your front knee stacked directly over your ankle.

Wrong: Your back knee is bent (B). This compromises your stability.

Right: Engage your back thigh to straighten the leg and focus on squaring your hips.


Wrong: You let your butt drop (A). This puts pressure on your lower back.

Right: Engage your quads to help support your hips. Focus on keeping your body in a straight line between the top of your head to your heels.

Wrong: You shrug your shoulders (B). It crunches your neck and strains your neck and shoulders.

Right: Relax your neck and try to maximize the distance between your ears and your shoulders as you lengthen up through the spine.

Wrong: You don't push your heels back (C). This causes your knees to drop, and makes it more difficult to hold the plank.

Right: Push your heels back, and engage your quads and core to help support your hips. Focus on keeping your body in a straight line between the top of your head to your heels.

Wrong: Your elbows are directly beneath your shoulders (A). You won't be able to get your head to the floor.

Right: Keep your fingertips alongside your hips or under your butt.

Wrong: You don't use your core or engage your legs to hold the posture (B). You'll put unnecessary pressure on the top of your head and neck, and you won't be able to lift your chest properly into the pose.

Right: Point your toes and press through your heels to engage your thighs.

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Images By Andrew Lyman Clark

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