5 Amazing Health Benefits of Skipping

Losing weight can be difficult. But, if you are looking for something simple to do in the convenience and comfort of your home, then skipping could be a great option.
Skipping is a strenuous aerobic exercise, therefore it can help you lose weight. You only need a skipping rope which is of the right length for your height and training shoes.

Health Benefits of Skipping:

1. Helps Improve Your Skin

One of the secret to a beautiful skin is to exercise. But, not of us may find the time to head to the gym due to busy schedules, but that should not be the reason to not sweat it out.
Skipping rope is one of the convenient way to make sure that you workout. Even for 15 minutes daily.
Exercise helps increase the blood circulation in your body, providing nutrients to your skin and flushes out toxins. Did you ever noticed the glow on your face after a workout?

2. Improves Cardiovascular Health

Your heart rate increases as you skip, and this activity works the vessels that transport oxygenated blood around your body and your heart. As you work your cardiovascular system, this becomes fitter and therefore you will feel less breathless when you are active. The more comfortable you are in doing this physical activity, the more you become physically active, which in turn will burn more calories toward weight loss.
If you are overweight, it is good to have your heart health checked by a doctor before taking up skipping. Also, get a heart rate monitor and make sure keep to keep your heart rate in the recommended target zone.

3. Improves Coordination and Balance

Rope jumping is practiced by boxers, tennis players and other athletes to improve their coordination and balance. Also, many celebrities are a fan of this simple equipment and have included it in their exercise routine.
Skipping helps improve agility and functional movements.

4. Tone Your Muscles

Skipping rope helps tone the muscles of your upper and lower body. You may find it difficult to get the rhythm at first, but you will soon start seeing the result. Your arms and legs will be toned and stronger than ever before.

5. Weight Loss

Skipping rope is an amazing tool to achieve weight loss. According to NDTV, bouncing rope for at least 30 minutes can burn approximately 300 calories, and therefore, to lose one pound for each week, you should skip for 30 minutes consistently and cut-out at least 400 calories from your eating regimen.
This may be difficult at the start, but it will set the motion for weight reduction in the most beneficial way. Also according to Sanaa Vidyalankar, founder of Soul-to-Sole Academy, “Skipping is an extraordinary and simple approach to lose those additional calories. Skipping rope is safer than running or jogging, as you arrive on your toes while doing it, without affecting your knees severely.”

How to Start Skipping:

1. The first thing to do before you starting skipping is adjust the length of your rope.
2. Hold the handles at each end of the rope, one handle in each hand, by your sides.
3. Step in the middle of the rope, while keeping the length taut with the ends stretched upwards.
4. Shorten the rope, until both the ends reach your armpits.

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