These Are The Best Times to Drink Water Everyday For Good Health

We all know that it is very important to drink water, and stay hydrated. But, when is the best time to take water?
Most of us will drink water whenever we feel thirsty. This is fine. But, for best results, there are various instances when you should take water. Here they are:

1. Drink Water When You Wake Up

Imagine starting your car in a sub-zero temperatures, then placing it into gear without waiting for the engine to warm up. That is a disaster waiting to happen.
This is true of the human body, without water to wake up and turn on your body in the morning, you may be running on empty, most especially if you skip breakfast.

2. Drink Water 30 Minutes Before Meals

Weight loss experts will tell you that you can use this to prevent yourself from consuming too much food, because once you take some water, you will not feel too hungry.
Also, in addition to helping in weight loss, it will encourage proper cell functioning, which in turn, will subsequently improve digestion.

3. Drink Water When You are Hungry

If you are hungry between meals, drink a a glass of fresh drinking water first to test if you are dehydrated. Sometimes people think they are hungry, when they are really just thirsty.
Drinking water before taking a snack, will help you feel full faster, helping keep your calorie intake in check.

4. Drink Water When You are Fatigued

Do you sometimes feel so tired or fatigued? Most especially in the afternoons?
Fatigue is caused by dehydration; therefore, if you feel tired, take a glass of water, and you will feel better.

5. Drink Water Before Your Workout

Depending on humidity, the temperature, and your body’s fluid levels, you may need 1 or several 8-ounce/23cl glasses of water to protect against dehydration during and after your exercise routine.
Hydration is important to guard against frostbite in cold temperatures and heat stroke in warm weather, as your body’s circulation plays a protective role in both extremes of temperature, and needs water to function properly.

6. Drink Water After Your Exercise

Following a vigorous workout, you may need to drink lots of water to replace fluids that were lost through urination and perspiration. The amount you will need depends on your health, weight, and whether you exercised in hot or humid conditions, most especially for long periods, among other factors.
Just make sure not to drink too much water too quickly, or this could bring on stomach cramps.

7. Drink Water, a Few Minutes Before Going to Bed

Doing this, will replenish the fluids lost during the night.

8. Drink Water, When You are Sick

Diarrhea, vomiting, etc, causes you to lose water for example, therefore, it is important to hydrate when you are sick.
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