This Amazing Trick will Make Your Vegetables Last Longer

Are you having problems in making your vegetables stay fresh for a longer time? Or are you always complaining that they never last long enough?
This seems to be especially popular when it comes to vegetables such as lettuce, celery and other leafy vegetables. That’s why you should try this amazing trick to make your vegetables last longer:

Paper Towel Trick

1. Wash the vegetables thoroughly and shake off the excess water.
2. Place the vegetables in a closeable plastic bag.
3. Put a couple of dry paper towels in the bag. Close it up, then store.
4. Check every few days and be sure to replace any soaked paper towels with new ones.

How It Works

So how does this trick work? You should know that the thing that is making your vegetables unappetizing and limp is moisture. The paper towels soak the moisture right up.
Who does not love simple tricks like this one, that helps to make your lives healthier and much more easier? So how do you store healthy foods to keep them fresh? Share it with us!

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