Did You Know That The Secret to Beautiful Skin Is In This Smoothie?

As we age, our skin can look undesirable and rough. There’s nothing more refreshing and beautiful than skin that feels smooth, clear, clean and soft.
So can smoothie really help you look better?
Yes there is a natural way to transform your skin within just a few weeks, using a special blend of vegetables and fruits.

Smoothie Ingredients for Glowing Skin

Hydration is important for beautiful skin, but just drinking water is not the best way to establish beautiful skin. Drinking, these pure mineral water which is extracted from fresh organic fruit is the best way.
– Apples
– Avocados
– Apricots
– Bananas
– Berries
– Cantaloupe/Honeydew Melons
– Mango
– Papaya
– Pomegranates
– Peaches

Smoothie for Glowing Skin

The smoothie for glowing skin below is from Natural Health 365
2 Ripe peaches or berries
1 Papaya/paw-paw with the seeds included
1 Fresh ginger 
1 Banana
1/2 Lemon (no peel)
Fresh coconut including its water
Fresh mint (to garnish)
1. Combining these ingredients can enhance their powers. It is recommended not to juice your fruits, with the exception of hard fruits like apples.
2. Gently blend the fruits to preserve their natural mineral waters.

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