Insufficient Calcium Intake Might Lead to These Health Problems

Aside from strong bones, calcium is also important for so many other things. The nutrient is vital for the nails, teeth, muscles and even your immune system. Popping a calcium supplement in your mouth is not always necessary to ensure that you are getting sufficient amounts of this nutrient daily. There are plenty of foods that are naturally rich in calcium. Before we get to know them, let us first have a look at some of the problems you may encounter if your daily diet is lacking in this very important nutrient.
This condition is characterized by the weakening of your bones due to loss of bone tissue. Osteoporosis can make you at high risk of fractures even from a minor accidental fall. In order to ward off this problem concerning the bones, it’s important for you to have a diet that’s rich in calcium. Having regular exercise also counts!
Tooth Decay
You may no longer be able to feel confident flashing that smile if you fail to include calcium-rich foods in your everyday diet. That’s because one of the symptoms of calcium deficiency is tooth decay. If you want to keep your beautiful smile intact, make sure that you are getting enough of the said mineral daily.
Brittle Nails
Adding calcium-rich foods in your everyday diet is essential if you want to avoid ending up with nails that easily crack. Just like your bones, your nails depend on calcium for strength.
Inability to Get a Good Night’s SleepBelieve it or not, you may find yourself having a bout of insomnia if you do not eat foods that contain good amounts of calcium. Even if you successfully get to dreamland, calcium deficiency may keep you from feeling rejuvenated the next day.
Muscle CrampsEspecially if you love to jog, swim or ride a bicycle, having muscle cramps is something that you don’t want to happen. Did you know that calcium deficiency can make your muscles more susceptible to cramping? In addition, lack of calcium in the diet may leave your muscles feeling tired and achy.
Feeling drained all the time? You may simply need to serve more calcium-rich foods on the table. It is said that people who are deficient in calcium tend to feel fatigued quite easily. If your daily schedule is hectic, dodging calcium deficiency is important so that you may be able to complete your tasks whether at home or in the office.
Irregular Menstruation
Experts say that women whose diet lacks in calcium are likely to suffer from irregular menstruation. In addition, they are at risk of heavy bleeding as well as painful pre-menstrual cramps.
More Susceptible to Diseases and Infections
Calcium is a nutrient so important for a strong and healthy immune system. If it seems like you are constantly bugged by cough, cold, flu, and other infections and allergies, you might want to consider getting plenty of calcium daily. The above are the problems you may end up with if you fail to get good amounts of calcium daily. 
So what foods should you include in your diet to make sure you’re getting enough calcium? Some of the best sources of this mineral are milk, cheese, yogurt, and canned sardines and salmon. If you are dodging dairy or you’re a vegetarian, you may get calcium from the likes of beans, peas, bok choi, kale, turnip greens, oranges, nuts, seeds and oatmeal.

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