Foods That Can Cause Your Metabolism to Slow Down

If you’re trying to lose weight, it’s a good idea for you to strive to make your metabolism run faster than usual — the speedier your metabolism, the quicker you will be spotted with a slimmer body.
Perhaps you have heard or read somewhere that certain foods can in fact encourage your metabolism to accelerate. Some of the most commonly mentioned examples are protein-rich foods like chicken and turkey, coffee and green tea.
Did you know that there are also foods that can cause your metabolism to slow down? Needless to say, someone like you who is looking to have a slimmer figure in no time should steer clear of them to keep the metabolism running quickly.
Below are some of those that can actually cause your metabolism to decelerate, experts say. After checking them out, make sure that you repost this article so that your figure-conscious family and friends may also avoid these:

Most Things White

White rice, white bread, white pasta — it seems like everything that’s white in color is bad for the health. For someone who is trying to shrink the waistline quickly, steering clear of these food products is a good idea as they can cause the metabolism to slow down.
The culprit is what they’re made of: refined or white flour. It’s actually from grains. Because it’s processed, it no longer contains the good stuff in grains, such as fiber that’s hard to digest and thus can cause the metabolism to speed up.

Everything That’s Sugary

We all know that the intake of lots of foods with tons of sugar can easily wreak havoc on one’s figure. But there is one more reason why the intake of sugary stuff can cause you to gain pounds, and that’s the fact that it can leave your metabolism running slower than usual.
Sugar in the most sugary foods you can think off gets to the bloodstream as soon as it enters the body. This only means that there is no need to generate energy (sugar) through an entirely different manner, and this causes your metabolism to end up sluggish.

Yogurt (Except for Greek)

Earlier, it was mentioned that the addition of protein to the diet can help cause the metabolism to run at a much faster rate. And one of the best sources of high quality protein is yogurt. Well, it depends on the type — experts recommend nothing but Greek yogurt.
If truth be told, other types of yogurt are not really that high in protein, although they could still be packed with good bacteria. Especially if you opt for flavored yogurt that’s loaded with refined sugar, you are likelier to gain than lose weight.

Granola Bar

If you think that granola bar is one of the healthiest foods on the face of the planet, better think again. While its oat content is undeniably good for you, the benefits it brings are easily offset by one of its main ingredients: high fructose corn syrup.
Certainly, high fructose corn syrup can flood your bloodstream with lots and lots of sugar, and this can wreak havoc on your metabolism. But it’s not just unnecessary weight gain that you may end up with, but also other nightmares like diabetes and heart disease.

Alcoholic Beverages

It’s no secret that alcohol can depress your nervous system. And when that happens, you can expect for your metabolism to run at a really slow pace. The fact that alcohol also contains lots of sugar can further leave your metabolism running sluggishly.
Cannot live a life without alcohol in it? Then make sure that you drink it in moderation — one glass per day of you’re a woman, and a maximum of 2 glasses per day if you’re a man. Any more than that and your figure and also overall health will surely suffer. (

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