6 Reasons Why Women Aren’t Losing Weight

Men tend to lose weight faster than women which can be quite frustrating. Well, for one thing, a woman’s body is different from a man since the former tends to hold on to certain fats. However, this isn’t the only reason why women seem to be struggling with weight loss. There is also their lifestyle as well as habits that, fortunately, can be remedied.
Here are a few reasons why women are having trouble losing weight.

Uncontrolled eating

Portion control is something that we are missing when it comes to food which is why that extra cookie you just got from the cookie jar is one of the reasons why your calorie intake is always up. When we feel tired or even stressed out, we often turn to comfort food to help calm our feelings. Unfortunately, our choice of comfort food is mostly sweets which are laden with calories.

You’re overthinking your exercise

You’ve probably checked out the workout plan that you are going to do, and because of its intensity, you feel like you need to load up on calories for fuel. Unfortunately, this lead someone to eating the wrong kinds of food for fuel that you are only causing your weight to go back up. If you do want to fuel your body for your workout, a good option is to look for healthier food like smoothies, fruits, and the like since they will give you a steady supply of energy during your training.

Side effects of pills

If you are taking medications, they may just be the reason why you are not seeing any improvement to your weight loss. Prescription medicines like steroids and antidepressants may cause your weight to go up. If this is the case, you might want to ask your doctor for alternatives to your prescription that will not wreak havoc on your weight.

Sleep deprivation

Women tend to have a lot on their plate, not from their work but also at home, especially when they are raising a family, which can lead to a few hours of sleep. Although some women can function well even when they only got 4 to 5 hours of sleep, some just can’t. That said, when you are sleep deprived, you often tend to eat more because your body is signaling you that it needs to have fuel. And because of this, we end up foods that are high in trans fat, sugar, and plenty of calories too that is affecting our weight loss goals. If you want to keep your weight down, you better start changing your sleep habits into one that will let you sleep better at night because once your body is well rested, the less likely you’ll be eating the wrong kinds of food.

Avoiding breakfast

Skipping breakfast may be a logical choice when it comes to losing weight because you are trying to minimize the amount of food that you are eating. However, missing breakfast is not really recommended as this will not make your metabolism work well. Starting your day with a bowl of oatmeal and some fruits will not only add fuel to your body, but it also prevents you from loading up on unwanted calories from junk.

Eating processed foods

Who doesn’t love to eat hot-dogs, cakes, and the like? Well, these processed foods may taste great and are easy to cook, but when you take a look at their calorie content, you’ll be surprised on how high it is. If you really want to say goodbye to the fats in your body, then you might want to let go of bringing on processed foods and start eating right. (pinterest.ph, cbsnews.com)

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