Top Fruits You Should Eat to Fight Cancer

Cancer remains to be the leading killer around the world. Treatment involves conventional therapies such as chemotherapy, surgery and radiation therapy. All of these come with risks and unwanted side effects.
But, there are other ways to help lower your risk for cancer naturally. One of these ways include the consumption of certain fruits. 
Below are the Top Fruits You Should Eat to Fight Cancer.

Cranberries and Lemons

Cranberries and lemons top the list of cancer-fighting fruits. This is because it is rich in vitamin C, citric acid, high levels of anthocyanins, antioxidants and other active compounds in both lemons and cranberries.
Regular consumption of both these fruits or their juices can help reduce cancer rates by about 50%. Drinking cranberry juice or squeezing fresh lemon juice into water are easy ways to add these fruits into your diet.

Bananas and Grapefruits

Studies have proven that regular growth consumption of bananas and grapefruits can help reduce cancer rates by about 10%. This is due to the high amount of Vitamin C present in both fruits.
Vitamin C is a powerful antioxidant which can help reduce oxidative stress in the cells and prevent DNA changes in the cells that may lead to cancer. Both fruits are also high in fiber, which has been shown to prevent certain forms of cancer such as colon cancer.
You can try slicing a grapefruit in half and adding it to your breakfast plate or adding a slice banana into the morning bowl of cereal.

Apples, Red Grapes and Strawberries

Regular consumption of fruits such as grapes, apples and strawberries into your diet can help reduce cancer rates by at least 40%. This is because of the anthocyanins present in these fruits. These compounds, give these fruits their red color and contains cancer-fighting properties.
Red grapes are loaded with resveratrol, a compound known for its anti-carcinogenic abilities. These fruits are also high in fiber.
You can add apples into your bowl of oatmeal, while strawberries and red grapes can be added to your lunch or dinner plate.

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