Don’t Avoid Fruits: Here are Those With the Least Calories

Are you like a lot of weight-conscious people who tend to steer clear of fruits thinking that they can cause your waistline to expand uncontrollably? Then don’t be surprised if it seems like it’s harder for you to attain your dream figure.
There are a couple of reasons why the regular addition of fruits to your diet can help you lose those unnecessary body pounds easily:
  • Being packed with lots of dietary fiber, fruits feel heavy on the stomach, and this can save you from eating more foods than you should.
  • Compared to muffins, cakes, brownies, ice cream and most other desserts out there that are meant for pleasing the taste buds, fruits are lower in calories.
As a general rule of thumb, in order for you to slim down you should refrain from supplying your body with more calories than it needs. According to experts, some fruits are exceptional at helping you to achieve that. Most fruits that are very low in calories are very high in fiber and water, and that’s why snacking on them can make it so much easier for you to be spotted with a nicer physique.
Read on if you like to come across the names of fruits with the least calories in them. And also, don’t forget to repost this article later on so that your weight-conscious family members and friends may also have the following added to their everyday diet:


A cup of fresh strawberries contain only 53 calories, so your waistline is certainly out of harm’s way if you choose to welcome it into your life. Strawberries are also packed with vitamin C that you need for a bolstered immune system, beautiful skin, lovely hair, durable nails and healthy gums.


There are only 60 calories found in a cup of cubed cantaloupes. Due to the fact that cantaloupes are loaded with water and fiber, consuming them on a regular basis can help spare you from overeating which is something that can definitely put your figure in shambles.


Just like a cup of cantaloupes, a cup of ripe peaches yields only 60 calories. What’s so nice about peaches is that they are excellent sources of vitamin A, a nutrient that helps keep your vision 20/20 and your skin young-looking and healthy.


Having a cup of grapes should not leave you feeling guilty as the amount of calories in it is just a little over 60 — to be exact, 62. Snacking on grapes makes it evident that they’re loaded with water, and keeping your body well-hydrated is important for optimum metabolism.


Did you know that papayas possess anti-inflammatory properties? And did you know that weight gain can sometimes be blamed on inflammation? It’s due to this why having papayas is especially recommended for those who wish to slim down. And by the way, a cup of cubed ripe papayas contain only 62 calories.

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Consuming a cup of apples supplies your body with 65 calories only. It’s common knowledge that apples are extremely high in fiber, and that’s why adding them to your diet can help you lose weight without much trouble along the way.

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There are grapefruit weight loss pills and there’s also the so-called grapefruit diet. Needless to say, the consumption of fresh grapefruit is very good for your figure. One reason for such is that a cup of slices of grapefruit only contains 65 calories.

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A couple of reasons exist why adding pineapples to your diet is a wonderful idea especially if your goal is to slim down. First, a cup of sliced pineapples contains just a little over 80 calories. Second, pineapples are extremely rich in water as well as fiber, and that’s why they can help keep overeating at bay. (


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