Banana Milk: How to Make It and 4 Reasons to Drink It

Banana milk — no, it’s not banana blended with milk, but milk from bananas. So in other words, it’s one of those non-dairy alternatives to cow’s milk, and it’s perfect for vegetarians and lactose intolerant people. Banana milk is also ideal for individuals who want to reduce their intake of saturated fat and cholesterol.
Currently, there are all sorts of plant-based milk products on the market. While all of them are perfect for vegetarians and those who do not tolerate lactose in cow’s milk very well, not all people can actually consume them. For instance, an individual who is allergic to nuts may not be able to drink almond or cashew milk.
These milk alternatives can also easily repel budget-conscious shoppers because they tend to be a lot pricier than cow’s milk! Luckily, most of today’s plant-based milks can be easily made from scratch in the kitchen.
One of the cow’s milk alternatives that can be easily made at home is banana milk. If you have a bunch of bananas sitting on the kitchen counter for days now and don’t know what to do with them, you can quickly turn them into milk that you can add to your bowl of oatmeal, glass of smoothie or cup of coffee.
Here are the steps to follow if you want to make your very first batch of banana milk:
Peel a couple medium-sized bananas. 
Place peeled bananas in your high-speed blender. 
Add 2 to 3 cups of water. The less water you add, the richer the resulting banana milk. 
Blend for a few minutes until you no longer see banana bits. 
Pour into a glass and consume, or stash in the refrigerator to have it chilled.
That’s how trouble-free it is to make banana milk! Some people love adding a little cinnamon powder or pure vanilla extract to make banana milk taste so much better. If you want your homemade banana milk to end up super creamy, you may also add a little almond or coconut butter to it.
Now that you know how to make banana milk from scratch, let’s now take a look at some of the health benefits that you can get from drinking your creation, too!

Controlled blood pressure

Bananas are admired for their potassium, a mineral that helps keep high blood pressure at bay. If you are diagnosed with hypertension, consuming banana milk can help in having your blood pressure regulated especially when paired with regular exercise and healthy eating and lifestyle.

Lowered constipation risk

It’s no secret that bananas are loaded with dietary fiber, and consuming a glass of banana milk on a regular basis can help keep you regular. Guzzling down banana milk is a phenomenal idea especially if you feel that you are not including enough fiber-containing foods in your everyday diet.

Reduced weight

Aside from being very good at warding off constipation, a fiber-rich glass of banana milk also promotes elimination of unwanted pounds. It’s so heavy on the stomach that overeating becomes the least of your problems. Low in saturated fat, too, banana milk can help you drop unwanted pounds more effectively.

Increased energy levels

Every serving of banana milk you make in your kitchen is teeming with B vitamins. Since B vitamins promote the conversion of carbohydrates into fuel, it’s not unlikely for you to feel energized each time you drink banana milk. Definitely, it’s healthier and cheaper than your favorite energy drink. (

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