Are Quail Eggs Healthier Than Chicken Eggs?

Perhaps someone had told you that quail eggs are healthier than chicken eggs. But is there truth to such claim? This article will let you know the real deal. So if you like to know whether or not it’s true that you should replace all of those chicken eggs in your refrigerator with quail eggs, continue reading.
Quail eggs are about the size of large grapes, and they also sport dark brown splotches all over their pale yellow shells. Because of their appearance, they can really grab attention. Many are interested in them not only due to the way they look, but also their rep that they are healthier than chicken eggs.
However, nutritionists say that both quail eggs and chicken eggs are good for you. While it’s true that each one of them has its own set of pros and cons, the truth is they are practically equally healthy.
One of the reasons why quail eggs are believed to be healthier than chicken eggs is the fact that they contain slightly higher amounts of protein. We all know that protein is essential for building and maintaining muscles, keeping the skin, hair and nails healthy and strong, and also producing enzymes and hormones.
But then again, it’s important to note that quail eggs are slightly higher in fat and cholesterol. Those who are trying to lose weight or were told by their doctors to reduce their consumption of cholesterol may want to stick with chicken eggs as quail eggs can be disadvantageous for them.
Additionally, quail eggs are slightly higher in calories than chicken eggs. So if you are trying to cut down on your daily caloric intake, it’s either you say “no” to quail eggs or simply consume them in moderation.
Since quail eggs are slightly higher in vitamin A, they are definitely better for your eyes than chicken eggs. This doesn’t mean, however, that chicken eggs are incapable of shielding your eyes from night blindness and various diseases that can have an impact on your eyesight — it’s just that chicken eggs contain slightly less vitamin A than quail eggs.
Quail eggs are also known to pack more B vitamins. According to doctors, B vitamins are important for the generation of energy as they help convert carbohydrates into fuel that your cells may use.
B vitamins provided by quail eggs are important, too, for brain and nerve health. They help in improving the mood, which makes them ideal for people who are suffering from anxiety and stress. B vitamins also help keep nerve damage from striking, something that usually affects the hands and feet.
Even though you can obtain more vitamin A as well as B vitamins from quail eggs, nutrition experts say that chicken eggs supply your body with more vitamin D.
There are a handful of reasons why your everyday diet should consist of good amounts of vitamin D. For instance, this vitamin is very helpful in lowering osteoporosis risk as they help the body absorb calcium — that bone-strengthening mineral — so much better. Vitamin D is also a role player in boosting both mood and immunity.
Another reason why many believe quail eggs are healthier than chicken eggs is because they appear to be less allergenic than chicken eggs. While this is true, they are just less allergenic, which means that someone somewhere on the planet may still develop allergic reactions to quail eggs.
Now that some of the most noteworthy facts have been laid, it’s therefore up to you to decide whether quail eggs are better for you than chicken eggs. (

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