7 Reasons to Eat More Mangoes

It’s so easy for anyone to fall head over heels in love with mangoes. Sweet and succulent, these tropical fruits can easily brighten up your day — much like their cheery color!
Other than being mouth-watering, did you know that mangoes are also packed with vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and fiber? Read on to know the various reasons why it’s a good idea to load up on mangoes each time they’re in season.
They Keep Cancer at Bay
Especially when it’s not detected and treated promptly, cancer can be deadly! That is why it’s one of the most dreaded diseases on the planet. Luckily, mangoes contain a dizzying assortment of antioxidants — all of which known to help prevent or zap cancer cells. Experts say that the regular consumption of mangoes may help inhibit or fight off cancer of the stomach, colon, breasts, prostate and blood.
Mangoes Help in Managing Bad Cholesterol
Because they are loaded with vitamin C and fiber, eating mangoes helps prevent the oxidation of fat molecules, thus keeping them from ending up inside the arteries. Their regular intake helps keep bad cholesterol in check and reduce your risk of heart disease. Mangoes also contain potassium which is necessary for a healthy cardiovascular system.
Eating Them Promotes Weight Loss
If you wish to effectively slim down without feeling you’re turning your back on delectable foods, reach for mangoes. These brightly-colored tropical fruits contain lots of fiber and water, leaving you feeling full right away and keeping you from overeating. Worry not that mangoes pack more calories than most other fruits. Unlike junk and fast foods that contain empty calories, mangoes provide you with natural sugars as well as so many other nutrients your body requires.
These Tropical Fruits Aid Proper Digestion
Just like what’s mentioned earlier, mangoes are good sources of fiber. This is the reason why consuming them helps in the proper digestion of food so that their nutritive content may be absorbed much better. What’s more, mangoes are said to be just as good as bananas in neutralizing excess acids in the stomach, thus reducing the symptoms of acid reflux.
Mangoes Help Improve Your Appearance
So many fruits are known to help you look more beautiful, and mangoes are some of the best. Mangoes are packed with vitamin C that helps promote healthy and younger-looking skin. You may consider mangoes as cheap and nutritious anti-aging solutions because they promote the production of collagen which helps improve wrinkles and fine lines. They are also loaded with antioxidants that protect the skin cells as well as other cells in the body from being damaged by free radicals.
They Provide Iron to Those Who Need the Mineral
Because mangoes are wonderful sources of iron, their regular consumption is highly recommended for individuals suffering from iron-deficiency anemia on order to help increase the number of their red blood cells. Mangoes are also the perfect fruits for pregnant women since they need to take considerable amounts of iron too.
Eating Them Strengthens Your Immune System
If you often suffer from all sorts of sicknesses and infections, there’s a delectable solution around: eat lots of mangoes! These sweet and succulent fruits help defend your body from invading microbes and parasites because they contain lots of nutrients like vitamins A and C — antioxidants that help promote a stronger immune system. (1mhealthtips)

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