6 Herbs that Kill Parasites Naturally

Having parasites in the body can trigger infections and other diseases that can impede our day-to-day life. Although there are medications available that can answer these health issues, going natural can help a lot too. Of course, in order for these herbs to deliver the best results, you will need to follow a healthy diet and lifestyle. It is also recommended that you talk to your doctor first before using any of these herbs to ensure that they will not, in any way, impede your medication if you are taking any.

Fresh garlic

Garlic may be considered as an ordinary herb in the kitchen but there is no mistaking its ability to fight off bacteria and parasites that are growing inside your body. This herb can actually get rid of more than 60 types of bacteria and fungus in the body while detoxifying your body from any unwanted toxins. What’s great about garlic is that you can easily incorporate it into your daily meals by crushing or cutting the cloves and mixing with your cooking.


This herb contains eugenol, tannins, and caryophyllene which are considered as anti-microbial meaning that they will be able to kill off any microbes that may be living or travelling in your bloodstream. When you ingest cloves, these components will be able to remove any parasites or protozoa and their eggs too from your body. You can use cloves to fight off tuberculosis, malaria, scabies, cholera, as well as other parasitic infections and viruses.

Cucumber seeds

Tapeworms can be eliminated from your body with the help of some cucumber seeds. You will need to transform the cucumber seeds into powder before using them as a treatment for those pesky tapeworms that are clinging to your digestive tract. Use heirloom cucumber seeds to grind into powder then add a teaspoon of it to your smoothie every day.

Black walnut

This herb is the go-to solution for tapeworms, candida albicans, pinworms, and even malaria by those who are using holistic treatments. It is also effective in reducing sugar levels while flushing toxins in the body. The dried and ground green hull of this herb has tannins which are the ones responsible for eliminating parasites that are triggering skin infections.

Raw pumpkin seeds/Ugu Seed

Another herb that can kill off parasites in the body naturally are raw pumpkin seeds. This can help get rid of parasite eggs because of the natural fats that are toxic to the eggs. The curcurbitin in the seeds has anti-parasitic properties which can paralyze the worms that are living in your intestinal walls. Ground some raw pumpkin seeds and add some to your salads and smoothies. You will need at least half a cup of raw pumpkin seeds to get the full effects.


This particular herb has almost the same properties as that of turmeric. It can improve one’s digestion while boosting circulation. You can use this herb to treat nausea and gas that are triggered by parasites. Eating ginger can make your digestive system function better which in turn can kill off any parasites or bacteria that may be lingering inside of you. (panorama-nhatrang.info)

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