Fashion Accessories that May Ruin Your Life

Every stylish person knows the importance of putting on fashion accessories. The right ornaments can turn any ensemble from boring to sizzling. However, some of the things you embellish your clothes or body with may actually leave you facing all sorts of problems apart from making you look stellar. Read on to know certain fashion accessories that you might want to avoid so that you may spare yourself from some of the drawbacks of being trendy.
Massive Earrings
Putting on gigantic and heavy earrings can make a lot of heads turn towards your direction. If you end up with a torn earlobe in case those heavy dangling ear ornaments get caught on clothing or something else, you are sure to grab attention as you scream in pain!
Did you know that there’s actually a cosmetic surgery called earlobe reduction procedure? Just like what it’s called suggests, it’s about reducing the size of enlarged or stretched holes on the earlobes. Such problem which makes you look old and funny happens when you constantly put on earrings that are simply too heavy for the earlobes.
Facial Piercings
Gleaming metals and sparkling rhinestones on your lips, eyebrows, nose and elsewhere on your face sure is a great way to project a rebellious image often perceived as cool and drool-worthy. In case the trigeminal nerve gets irritated because of them, you are sure to be different from everyone else, but not in a nice way.
The trigeminal nerve is the one that supplies sensation on the front part of your face. Facial piercings put you at risk of getting it damaged, causing problems such as headaches, dizziness and loss of balance. There is no use in standing out if you cannot even get out of your house unassisted!
Non-Prescription Contacts
When getting contact lenses for your vision needs, the eye specialists will surely educate you on how to have the lenses properly cleaned, worn and removed. When you shop for fancy contacts that make your iris sport a different color or look strangely bigger, you have to depend on the printed instructions made by God-knows-who.
Following contact lens safety rules is of utmost importance. Otherwise, you may end up with eye discomfort, pain, redness and infection. In extreme cases, you may even lose your eyesight.
Tight Head Accessories
Do you suffer from a splitting headache and you’re pretty sure it’s not caused by staring at your computer screen for a long time or playing a game on your smart phone inside a moving vehicle? It can be because of the tight head accessory you are sporting in order to look trendy and attention-grabbing.
Headbands, scrunchies, bandannas, goggles, hats and other head accessories that are too tight may leave your head aching due to impaired blood circulation. Let go of all these unnecessary tight accessories for the head and give your mane a break. If you can’t steer clear of these ornaments, simply adjust them so that they’re not too tight.
Certain Jewelry Pieces
Various jewelry pieces help add some sparkle to your ensemble. If they are also making your skin appear bright red and itch like crazy, you could be allergic to them! Some people are sensitive to certain metals in making jewelry, such as nickel and gold. Sometimes those that are finished with cobalt can leave others with irritated skin too.
So what’s the best way to save your self from ending up with unsightly rash? Skip wearing jewelry pieces out of metals you’re allergic to. (1millionhealthtips)
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