How to Stop a Deadly Heart Attack in One Minute

There is one powerful ingredient that a lot of us are unaware of that can be used to stop even the deadliest of heart attacks. It’s a chili pepper variety that goes by the name, “cayenne.” Once we’re done enumerating its many benefits, you are sure to run to the closest grocery store to shop for a case or even more!
Cayenne is a mysteriously good ingredient and has been the central subject of many research studies around the globe. Medical doctors and traditional healers have been impressed and fascinated with the healing properties. Some doctors even prescribe this ingredient for patients who are high risk of developing a heart attack. Although there is lack of evidence about the efficacy of cayenne pepper to stop heart attack, those who have tried it tell us that one cup of cayenne pepper tea is all you need for health miracles to happen.
Cayenne pepper is relatively easy to find. Due to the high demand for cayenne pepper, you can find it huge volumes in supermarkets, grocery stores, and health food establishments. There are other peppers or chilis that bear the same SHU value as cayenne including African bird, habanero, Thai Chi, and Jamaican Hot Pepper to name a few. If you know a loved one who may be suffering from a heart attack, make sure to immediately administer a teaspoon of cayenne pepper diluted in a tall glass of water. On the other hand, if the victim is unconscious place a few drops of cayenne pepper extract under this tongue for fast acting relief.
The administration of cayenne pepper has a hemostatic effect which in turn stops the bleeding. In addition, cayenne pepper speeds up recovery after a heart attack as it balances blood circulation and improve heart rate too.
Many cases have been reported of heart attack victims being saved by their loved ones who administered cayenne pepper on them during their hear attack. This natural therapy is powerful. Experts however recommend that cayenne pepper from India or South America is used in this type of intervention. Unlike your average chilis or pepper, cayenne from the regions mentioned above feature stronger qualities and contain more capsaicin altogether.
How to prepare cayenne pepper to stop heart attacks
  1. Always make sure to wear safety gloves prior to preparation of this solution.
  2. Take cayenne pepper, 1 to 3 fresh cayenne pepper and 50% alcohol that are then to be mixed and placed in a one liter glass bottle.
  3. Fill a quarter of the bottle with cayenne powder and put the alcohol just enough to cover it.
  4. Mix the fresh peppers with enough alcohol and then add the mixture so that 75% of the bottle is filled.
  5. Fill the bottle with alcohol and let the mixture sit in a dark place for at least two weeks with occasional shaking a few times daily.
  6. If you are looking to create a more potent mixture, let the solution infuse for at least three months before straining.
  7. Do not forget to store it in a dark place even after use to make sure it doesn’t spoil.
Ideally patients who suffer a heart attack are given at least 5 to 10 drops from the tincture. The same amount of cayenne pepper tincture should be administered after ten minutes. This effective treatment should be repeated until symptoms subside and the overall condition of the patient improves. If the patient remains unconscious, place three drops under their tongue after five minutes.
As mentioned earlier, the use of cayenne pepper has many benefits. It can be used to treat other conditions as well. It also has anti-fungal properties as evidenced by its efficacy in preventing phompsis and colletotrichun. With continuous consumption, unwanted gases are effectively released that helps in further improvement of digestive function.
Patients diagnosed with lung cancer also benefits from this all-natural solution. It turns out that pepper can prevent the development of tumors. These results are identical to that with patients suffering from liver cancer. Lastly, the cayenne pepper tincture helps individuals suffering from migraine, allergic reactions, tootache, influenza, and arthritis to name a few.
Cayenne pepper is truly one of the strongest, most natural remedies available to us. It works wonders and is indeed a miracle that is not only good for the heart but for the entire body as well. It contains at least 26 vital nutrients including calclum, zinc, selenium, and magnesium as well as high doses of Vitamins A and C.

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