5 Science-Backed Ways to Get Faster Results from Exercise

It’s high time you get strategic about your exercise routine. Use these effective tricks to boost your motivation, get fast-track results and most importantly enjoy the process of getting fit.

1. Consistency and Frequency

Commit to a weekly training schedule for 5-6 days a week and make those days the same. Having a routine prevents you from postponing your workouts, and in limiting your gains.
If you are only training for 2-3 times a week, or “when you can fit it in”, do yourself a favour. Stop making excuses and start prioritising your health in the same way you do your social life and career.
Remember, there’s always time to workout, even if it is only for 20 minutes.

2. Cut Down on Your Workout Time, But Increase the Intensity

Shorten the time you spend a your workout, but, you also need to increase the intensity of your workout.
Studies reported that 1 minute of all-out exercise can have the same benefits, as that of of 45-minutes moderate exercise. Therefore, it’s time to change that leisurely treadmill jog, for that high-intensity workout, wherein you go all out for about 20 minutes.
Interval training is a great way to begin increasing the intensity of your workouts. Research showed that alternating between 8 seconds of high-intensity exercise, and 12 seconds of lower intensity exercise for about a 20 minute period, for at least 3x a week led to more weight loss, as compared to working out at a steady peace for twice as long.
Also, this type of interval training is more effective at decreasing body weight and abdominal fat, while maintaining muscle mass. Say goodbye to those hour-long gym sessions. Push yourself as hard as you can, and get on with your day!

3. Know Your Own Speed

Workout at a pace that makes sense for you, and not someone else. You will gain nothing by trying to keep up with someone who is on a different level than you. A much better way is to be honest about your ability level, most especially in the early going.

4. Listen to Your Favorite Songs

The right playlist is important, when it comes to making those high-intensity workouts as painless as possible.
study in 2014, reported that listening to music makes strenuous workouts feel easier, encouraging people to push themselves harder.
Also,, a study that was published in the Journal of Sport Sciences arrived at the same conclusions regarding the use of music during high-intensity workouts. The researchers reported that your playlist can make HIIT workouts more enjoyable, therefore, increasing the chances that you consistently use them in your routine.
What songs should you be adding to your playlist? Your favorites. What is important is that you are listening to music you enjoy.

5. Seek Advice

If you are putting in effort and time, but you are still not seeing the results, then consider asking advice from a personal trainer. They vary in approaches, specialisations, and ideologies, therefore, make sure you know what you want and ask for recommendations.
A good Personal Trainer will study where you’re at, work out how you can get the best results from your training, and help you establish your goals.

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  1. Have being working out for the past few month now without equipment on how to get impressive upper body and six packs but the result are not that effective like I want wat am I suppose to do

    1. Good day. Don't be discouraged OK. What you have to do is to keep challenging your body by increasing the intensity of your exercises by increasing the number of repetitions of each exercises and also the number of sets per exercise. This will challenge your body and create the stimulus required for growth required to achieve your fitness goal. Good luck


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