Beat Morning Sickness with These Natural Remedies

Morning sickness is not something new in pregnant women especially when they are already in their 6th to 12th weeks of pregnancy. Most of the time, morning sickness is triggered by lack of exercise, hormonal changes, foul smell, fatigue, and even low blood sugars just to name a few and can be mild to severe in various cases. For pregnant women who want to alleviate the symptoms of morning sickness, the good news is that there are natural remedies that can help you bear your pregnancy better.
Here are a few examples of natural remedies that can alleviate your morning sickness in no time.
Mix your own belly rub. 
One way to ease the effects of morning sickness is to make your own belly rub. You need to combine a drop of peppermint oil with three drops of chamomile essential oil on a warm towel and rub on your belly gently. Keep in mind that peppermint oil can go a long way so a small amount will suffice. 
Eat simple foods. 
Dining out is definitely a luxury for would-be mothers but sometimes the strong scents in restaurants can trigger their morning sickness. Going for something simple like homemade meals that are not too heavy on the fats, creams, and spices can be easier on the stomach and your morning sickness.
Start exercising. 
If you are not a fan of working out before you became pregnant, you should start doing light exercises not only to strengthen your body to support the baby growing inside of you but also to prevent morning sickness from limiting your day to day functions. Yoga, Pilates, and other bodyweight exercises for pregnant women can help you endure the changes in your body without worrying about any symptoms or side effects of morning sickness.
If you’re feeling nauseas or dizzy, make sure that you lie down and rest. Aggravating the symptoms of morning sickness isn’t really a good idea as it will be more difficult for you to function and you are also putting you and your baby at risk.
Take a relaxing bath. 
Stress and fatigue can take a toll on your body which is why you need to pamper yourself from time to time. Taking a luxurious bath with the help of lavender or other soothing essential oils can help calm your senses and your muscles to alleviate the effects of morning sickness.
Eat regularly. 
Another natural remedy to ease your morning sickness is to eat regularly. Having something to eat every few hours can help stabilize your blood sugar levels which prevents morning sickness from occurring. You can have some light snacks in between meals if you like but just make sure that you choose healthier foods rather than those that are high in sugar or fat content.
Sip on ice cold water. 
Sipping ice-cold water when you feel nausea or in the brink of vomiting can help make you feel better. You can make some lemon or ginger tea if you like to promote healing as well.
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