7 Strange But Effective Ways to Overcome Stress

There are so many natural ways to deal with stress. Some of the usual ones include taking a quick walk, grabbing a stress ball, breathing slowly and deeply, and writing in your journal. But did you know that there are also some tips that really work despite sounding strange? All of them make dealing with stress suddenly more interesting. Read on to know some!
Put on a Fake Smile
It’s easy for everybody to tell if you are faking a smile but, fortunately, the brain cannot do the same. Whether genuine or otherwise, your gray matter perceives a smile in a single way only — you’re happy. This is the very reason why forcing yourself to smile when you’re feeling stressed can do wonders for both your mind and body.
Check Out Fractals
Fractals boast of patterns that are repeated in smaller and smaller scales. There are fractals everywhere — from nature to architecture. Experts say that looking at fractals for as little as 20 minutes a day can help in relieving stress. So each time you’re feeling anxious and about to blow, pause and marvel at the strange beauty of fractals to calm down.
Soak in Beer
It’s no secret that drinking beer is a downer and that is why it helps you momentarily forget everything that stresses you out. But did you know that soaking in beer can actually help deal with stress? According to proponents, beer calms the nervous system and reduces stress. It’s no wonder there are many spas these days offering beer baths!
Carry Out Some Housework
Doing some household chores, initially, may sound like it will only add to your stress. However, opting for activities wherein you have to do certain motions or movements again and again may actually help calm you down. Experts believe that doing the dishes, ironing clothes and other similar housework puts you in a stress-busting trance-like state.
Chew Gum
Each time you’re feeling the pressure build up within, grab a stick of chewing gum, pop it into your mouth and chew away. According to a study, participants who chewed gum were less stressed and anxious and more alert and productive than those who didn’t. If you want, you may think of chewing gum as a stress ball for your mouth!
Accessorize with a Rubber Band
A rubber band may not be the most fashionable accessory there is for the wrist, but it may help reduce your stress. Whenever you feel stressed, all you have to do is snap this rubber band against your skin. This will gradually cause you to associate stress with pain, thus in time you will withdraw from getting stressed because you know that it’s unpleasant.
Force Yourself to Crack Up
Just like faking a smile, pretending to laugh can help combat stress. Laughing causes your body to release more endorphins. This is a good thing because endorphins counter the stress hormone cortisol, make you feel happy and relieve pain naturally. Avoid getting strange looks by reading jokes or watching hilarious video clips on your smart phone. (1MillionHealthTips)
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