5 Health Problems Caused By Binge Eating

Some people do binge-eating from time to time but for those who have made it a habit to eat a lot of food in just a short period of time, you probably have BED or binge-eating disorder. This disorder can actually expose you to a lot of health risks such as obesity and weight gain. About two-thirds who have been diagnosed with binge-eating disorder are actually obese. Even those who are average in size can suffer from this condition.
So what health risks are you exposing yourself into when you go binge-eating? Here are five health problems that you should think about.
Type 2 Diabetes. 
When overeat regularly, you are increasing your chances of suffering from Type 2 diabetes. Diabetes can affect your insulin production which in turn can cause your blood sugar levels to dip or spike. Over the years, if you cannot control your eating habits, your diabetes can affect different parts of your body such as your eyes, kidneys, and heart even.
Mood Changes. 
Another health issue that can arise when you often go binge-eating is changes in your mood. Among the possible emotional problems that can occur are anxiety and depression. Either of these two can lead to binge-eating while some become depressed or anxious when they start to binge because they are worried what others have to say about their situation.
Digestive Problems. 
Those who binge-eat are most likely to suffer from irritable bowel syndrome as well as other digestive problems because the stomach tends to have a hard time digesting the large amount of food you ate. This in turn leads to weight gain as well as obesity when not taken care of immediately.
Gallbladder Disease. 
Another type of health problem that is linked to BED is gallbladder disease such as gallstones. The gallbladder is located below the liver and because of high amounts of fats, triglycerides, and obesity, gallstones may appear. Gallstones are basically fatty deposits that form in the gallbladder. The good news is that they can be treated but when left alone, they can be extremely painful.
Heart Problems. 
Most people who have binge-eating disorders usually have heart problems because of high cholesterol and high blood pressure. Too much can lead to stroke or other heart diseases which is why BED shouldn’t be taken lightly. This is probably the most dangerous health issue that is related to binge-eating because having too high cholesterol levels can cause your arteries to clog while high blood pressure can put a lot of strain on your blood vessels.
Binge-eating disorder can affect anyone regardless of their age and gender. What’s important is that it gets treated as quickly as possible to prevent any health problems. If you notice that you’ve been eating a lot in just a short time and it happens on a regular basis, you need to consult your doctor to get the right treatment. Leaving it as is can lead to plenty of health issues that could have been prevented.
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