5 Exercises to Lift Your Mood

There are days when we’re not just feeling up to the task of moving around and doing our tasks. It might be because we are suffering from heartache, too much stress, or we are just feeling blue. But these are not acceptable excuses especially at work. If you want to get things done, you will need to feel right as rain and when it comes to lifting your mood, nothing beats the adrenaline that you feel when you exercise.
Exercising can help increase your heart rate which in turn boosts blood circulation in your body. This also helps increase serotonin which is the happy hormone so you will be feeling better in no time. So what exercises should you do to chase away the blues? Here are some that are worth considering.
  1. Yoga. Finding balance in your emotions requires a calm state of mind and one exercise can actually train you to regain equilibrium especially after a bad day. Yoga isn’t just for strengthening your body nor is it just about gaining flexibility. It is also about breathing properly in order to reducing your stress levels so your heart rate will go back to its normal beating.
  2. Running. It is possible to run away from your problems literally. Strap on your running shoes, wear your running outfit, and hit the road until the adrenaline melts away your stress. Running is also a good choice if you want to melt away those extra calories because you are increasing your heart rate and metabolism at the same time.
  3. Pilates. Here is another exercise that will help relieve your stress and boost your mood too. This core strengthening workout is often done on a mat where not only you learn how to breathe properly, but you’ll also get to tighten and strengthen your core where your power lies. What’s more, Pilates teaches you how to become more aware of yourself, your body, and your mental state so you will be able to calm yourself down to reduce your stress levels.
  4. Gardening. Most likely you’ve been hitting the gym whenever you feel mad or out of sorts but not all exercises to relieve stress are done inside the gym. Some are done outside the home in the form of gardening. Getting in touch with nature and breathing fresh air can do wonders to your health not to mention good for your garden too as you tend to them to make them grow. For sure, you will be forgetting whatever it is that stresses you out once you become at one with the plants around you
  5. Kickboxing. For those with a lot of pent up emotions that need to be released, why not try kickboxing? The combination of kicks and punches will definitely get your heart rate up while at the same time melt those excess fats which can help tone your overall physique. With every punch and kick that you give, you will be saying goodbye to stress in no time.
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