Benefits of HUMMING Regularly

What’s so nice about humming is it combines two beneficial things: singing and slow breathing. It’s exactly for this reason why humming on a regular basis allows you to enjoy a number of perks.
It doesn’t really matter if you hum an existing song, come up with your own or do a monotonous one just like how bees do it — it’s actually a form of meditation referred to as the humming bee breath. For as long as you are humming, you are bound to reap the amazing benefits if offers.
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Reduced Muscle Tension

Whether you’re stressed or anxious, it’s not unlikely for your neck and shoulder muscles to end up stressed. This is something that can pave the way for neck, shoulder and upper back pain, as well as headaches.
You can ask someone to massage your shoulder and neck muscles to get rid of that muscle tension. Or you may simply hum for several minutes — the vibration produced can in fact release muscle tension. It’s a wonderful idea for you to spend your office breaks humming so that you’re ready to face a new set of challenges after a while.

Clearer Mind

Being swamped with a lot of office and home tasks can easily leave the mind cluttered. When that happens, you may have a hard time thinking clearly.
Each time you need to reboot your mind, consider giving humming a try. You can think of the vibration it creates as something that can shake off thoughts that can keep you from having mental clarity. And because humming requires practically no thinking, you can give your brain a much-needed break.

Lowered Stress Levels

There are many different ways to reduce your stress levels, and one example is listening to calming music.
But what if you don’t have a nice playlist on your smart phone? Well, you can simply make your own relaxing music by humming! It’s just like listening to calming music, except that you’re the one that’s creating it. If you want, you may play a soothing instrumental song in the background and hum to it in order to considerably lower your stress levels.
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Reduced Anxiety

More often than not, stress and anxiety go hand in hand. Needless to say, humming is a creative activity that can also help fend off those anxious thoughts effectively. Especially if you hum a song that you like because it makes you feel happier and more positive, you can expect that bout of anxiety to go away ASAP.
Humming also helps regulate your breathing, which means that it’s perfect for you especially if hyperventilating is one of the things that you anxiety is making you do.

Improved Blood Pressure

Everyone knows that one of the risk factors for deadly heart disease is high blood pressure. You can take blood pressure lowering drugs daily, or you may simply hum on a regular basis to keep high blood pressure at bay.
Because humming can help lower both stress and anxiety, it’s no wonder why it can make your blood pressure stay within the normal range — being stressed or anxious can make your blood pressure soar. Of course one must not forget the importance of healthy eating and living in fending off high blood pressure.

A Good Night’s Sleep

Children are not the only ones who should be listening to lullabies, but also adults — in particular those who have a hard time getting to sleep at night due to insomnia.
There’s no need for you to play some lullabies in the background using your smart phone, computer or CD player. All you need to do is close your mouth and start humming some of your favorite lullabies especially when you were just a child. Because humming has stress- and anxiety-lowering properties, you will be in dreamland in no time!
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