The Strange Connection Between Smoking Weed and Alzheimer's

The newest research comes from a team studying marijuana and Alzheimer's, as noted by Forbes. In a lab, the psychoactive THC compound in pot removed toxic beta-amyloid from brain cells and reduced inflammation, the first test to do both. Amyloid plaque — found in patients with Alzheimer's — kills neurons and causes memory loss, while inflammation is associated with Alzheimer's — its role in the disease is yet unclear.

Right now, there is also cannabis in your brain — kind of. The brain naturally produces THC-like cells, called endocannabinoids, which scientists believe protect the brain against inflammation and amyloid damage. The test seems to indicate that marijuana protects the brain in the same way. To find a substance that reduces toxins and swelling, and one so easily produced — though, admittedly, far less easy to legally obtain — is highly promising, though more testing is necessary.

From: Esquire 
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