10 Gross Things We All Secretly Do at Home

gross habit
When no one's watching, we're all able to be our most authentic selves — which, apparently, means we're all kind of private slobs (including us!). Sure, we try to hide it, but don't you think it's time we all come clean (we had to) once and for all? Prepare to nod your head in agreement.

1 Peeing in the shower. 

The toilet is so close, but so far away. Bonus points if you brush your teeth in there afterwards.

2 Sticking stray hairs onto the wall.

Where else are you supposed to put it? In the trash? Oh, okay.

3 Using kitchen sponges for way too long.

Sadly, just because we pour dish soap on them almost every time we use them, doesn't mean they don't need to be replaced.
 Even though we know we're not going to eat them and there's an 80% chance it already has mold growing on it.

7 Wiping off dirty silverware instead of washing 'em.

Hey, it was our food and germs that got on it in the first place (we think). So who cares, right?

8 Then reusing the paper towel multiple times.

If it's not soaking or covered in an unidentifiable brown film, it's still fair game.

9 Piling up trash bags next to the can.

 Instead of just taking it out. Can't we just celebrate small victories, like replacing the bag in the first place?

10 Vacuuming up spilled food.

Then not emptying the bag so the vegetables and pasta end up sitting with dust and dirt for months on end. Ugh.

From Goodhousekeeping, Photo by Getty

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